8 Weeks Out, 8 Reasons to Register


Spring is in the air (however here in Austin, TX it feels more like mid-summer) and we are just 2 short months away from the kickoff to the 2011 Team LIVESTRONG Challenge series. The first stop on the tour this year is Davis, CA and we couldn?t be more excited! With that in mind, we thought it would be a fun idea to create a list of reasons for why you should register now! Eight weeks to the Challenge, 8 reasons to sign up or get involved. Enjoy!

1. Feel Like a Pro Rider: our courses are designed by some of the best technical race directors in the business and some of this year?s routes follow the same roads the Pro?s will ride at the Amgen Tour of California later this month.

2. Davis = Bike Friendly City: tired of angry drivers trying to run you off the road? Davis is one of the most bike friendly cities in the USA and has over 100 miles of bike lanes and paths. This fully supported ride will make sure that the only screaming and horns you hear will be those awaiting you at the finish line.

3. Relief of your Tour de France fever: if you are anything like me you will be sitting at home watching every minute of the Tour wishing you were that good and wanting to do nothing but be on your bike. Now you can relieve that itch by hitting the roads of Northern California with Team LIVESTRONG.

4. Fight Cancer, One Dollar at a Time: feel good about what you are doing by knowing that 100% of your hard earned fundraising money will go right back into supporting LIVESTRONG?s programs and initiatives to help those affected by cancer.

5. Don?t ride? No problem?VOLUNTEER: if you don?t ride, don?t worry. We have a TON of volunteer positions that you can sign up for. It?s a great way to get involved in the event or even to kill time while you are waiting for your friends and family to finish their ride.

6. It?s a Party: take a load off after your ride and enjoy our Village that will be set-up in downtown Davis. Hang out with fellow riders, enjoy some food and drinks or check out some of our vendor booths. The die-hard cycling fans will love the fact that our Village will be set-up adjacent to the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame!

7. Get Cool Gear: every participant is guaranteed a t-shirt and a LIVESTRONG water bottle. Once you hit certain incentive levels in your fundraising you qualify for even cooler merchandise.

8. Stay Fit, Have Fun: Other than feeling good that you have contributed in a huge way to helping more people than you?ll ever know, participating in the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge is a great way to promote a healthy and active lifestyle while having a good time!

Registration is open and all the information can be found at www.livestrong.org/DavisChallenge. We hope to see you out there on July 10th!


Matt Florio
Fundraising Events Ambassador


  1. Cancer Survivor Cyclist says:

    Will Armstrong be there? I saw he was going to be in Philly for that event.

    Why do you keep moving around the events in the western US (Denver, CO; Orange Country, CA; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; San Jose, CA; now Davis, CA)? How do you ever expect to get a real following and support for these events when they seem to disappear after a year or two, only to appear suddenly somewhere else?

    1. While the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Series has changed locations over the past seven years, the reasoning behind the changes and new locations are driven by the fact that we believe we must be good stewards of the funds our participants and donors entrust to us in the fight against cancer. As we continue to operate in tough economic times, non-profits like LIVESTRONG have to be more careful than ever about giving their constituents the highest and best return on the funds with which they entrust us. That?s a responsibility we take very seriously.

      Location changes are often driven by participant feedback and the desire to improve event satisfaction while also achieving the above goals on return on investment. Thankfully, we?ve been able to expose new cities to LIVESTRONG and retain passionate advocates in those regions even when our events have had to change locations. We are very appreciative of the support for the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Series and hope to continue to engage supporters across the country in the LIVESTRONG mission.

      As for Lance, we do not yet have any confirmations on the other Team LIVESTRONG Challenge events in 2011. During the course of the season, we try and keep all of our participants informed and share when Lance is able to attend via email or our Twitter feed (@TeamLIVESTRONG).

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