Social Workers United


There are a lot of acronyms in the heath care field to describe a diagnosis (Dx), a treatment (Tx) and even health care providers (HCP’s). One of the acronyms used is for associations such as Association of Oncology Social Workers (AOSW). This group of talented individuals helps with many aspects of cancer care. They help improve cancer survivors’ quality of life, advocate for their needs, foster communication between oncologists and patients and much much more. If you have been diagnosed with cancer odds are very high that you have interacted with a social worker.

AOSW’s annual meeting was held this week in St. Louis and LIVESTRONG was there to promote our Navigation Services. The services we offer can be a help to social workers in the field as we supplement their support and offer additional resources to patients, survivors and loved ones. We handed out brochures to the professionals describing our services and manned a booth to answer questions. Thank you to all the oncology social workers. Your work changes lives.

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