LIVESTRONG Program Testimonials


LIVESTRONG programs support people affected by cancer. The four programs funded in this year’s Community Impact Project have been proven to make a significant impact in the lives of people affected by cancer. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA and Camp Kesem, Cancer Transitions and The Promotores Project are up for replication. Below are quotes from actual participants in the Cancer Transitions and Promotores programs. Tell local organizations that you want LIVESTRONG programs in your town. Ask them apply for the funding within the next 48 hours. These programs really make a difference.

Cancer Transitions:

This program was awesome! I met some new friends and felt like I got control back over my life. Loved the referral to resources and I?m now in physical therapy as a result. Because everyone in this program had a very positive experience. People looked so defeated when we first met and at the last class they were glowing!
-Cancer Transitions Participant

Our group was incredible. We felt and understood each other. We shared many sacred and special experiences and we felt safe and not judged.
This program was incredible! Deb is a superb coach and teacher. I learned many things in the years (and months) to come. This was a wonderful opportunity that I will always cherish! Thank you!
-Cancer Transitions Participant

Besides giving me more resources than I had before I took this program, it gave me many more and also helped me with finding my new normal.
Please continue to fund this program as so many of us feel so alone in our journey and this made us very aware we are not alone. Besides, with the exercise, training, diet learning, etc. one walks away from the program with so much more, I personally feel ever stronger with having been through the program.
-Cancer Transitions Participant

Promotores Project:

?Vivo en un municipio un pueblo pequeño de México, aquí el tema del Cáncer es totalmente TABU y lo poco que se conoce esta distorsionado, sería bueno empezar con colocar en el pizarrón de la Seguridad Social algunos conceptos del Cáncer y con el nombre de LIVESTRONG, la dirección, mail o tel. para comenzar desde una plática..?
-Promotores Project Participant

?I live in a municipal in a small town in Mexico. Here the topic of cancer is totally Taboo and the little that is known about it is distorted, it would be nice to start with putting items on the board at the social services office with cancer topics and the name of LIVESTRONG, the address, mail and telephone information to start conversations??
-Promotores Project Participant

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