Cancer and the United Nations


People are dying from cancer every minute all over the world. There are 28 million people affected by cancer today worldwide. Cancer kills more people than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. The world’s leaders need to act now to address this horrible disease that is killing millions all over the world each year. LIVESTRONG was a driving force behind getting the UN to notice this issue and now we need a unified global commitment to action.

Years ago the communicable disease issue received major notice by the UN and because of the commitments made by world leaders, education, prevention and treatment programs were funded. The global action around AIDS funding and awareness is a great example of the outcomes of the UN Summit. LIVESTRONG, along with other organizations, will advocate for non-communicable disease (NCD) global targets and resources at this year?s summit.

Next week LIVESTRONG will attend the Moscow Global Forum & Ministerial Meeting.The Global Forum will convene civil society leaders from around the world to discuss NCDs in the context of the UN summit. Advocates and advocate organizations will develop a consensus statement on the global burden and possible solutions. This statement will be presented to global leaders at the ministerial meeting and World Health Assembly.

The ministerial meeting will convene health ministers from around the world to discuss NCDs in the context of the UN summit. Leaders will discuss the global burden and potential solutions based on country examples, with input from civil society. Leaders will develop a consensus document on how countries can respond to NCDs.


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