Transition to Life After Cancer


Many survivors talk about returning to the “New Normal” after cancer. The transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor is not easy. Often survivors feel like they should just be able to pop back into old ways, thoughts and feelings. This is not necessarily the case. This is why LIVESTRONG along with The Wellness Community created the Cancer Transitions program in 2006. Cancer Transitions is a 6-week, small group program designed for adult cancer survivors to help them

  • Less about the negative impacts of cancer
  • Better physical and social functioning
  • A renewed commitment to physical activity
  • Improvements in fat-related dietary habits

Cancer Transitions is one of the four model programs available for replication in the 2011 Community Impact Project. Community organizations should apply to have the program available to the people in their communities. If you are a facility looking to support those that have finished treatment, we invite you to apply for funding to implement this program. If you are a member of a community that is interested in having this program available to yourself or those you love, please forward this information along to local hospitals, community centers or anywhere else you think would be interested in hosting this program.

The need to find a way to transition back into society after treatment is real. Help us help people in your town achieve the goal of living a full life after cancer. Apply today. Applications close on April 27th.

Cancer Transitions Support Meeting


  1. Cathy Schaufenbil says:

    A support group like this would have been helpful for me. I struggled with co-workers and family thinking too that I should be my old self as soon as I was done with treatment. I was more tired that I expected and for way longer than I thought I would. I wondered if I was depressed, but know now that I was only healing.

    1. I have passed along your video to other friends and cancer survivors. I admire the inspiration and gift this project is already giving.

  2. Libby says:

    It’s really cool that this is one of the areas Livestrong is supporting in this project! As a childhood cancer survivors who’s been in remission for almost TEN YEARS now, this is an issue I struggled with a lot growing up. I’m currently filming a documentary about how cancer survivors incorporate survivorship into their lives after cancer. I’m looking for stories and collaborators… if anyone is interested, please watch the trailer at

  3. Wendy Howell says:

    I have lost many family members to Cancer be it breast cancer Brain cancer colon etc My 29 yr old son beat his first bout with brain cancer and was cancer free for about 10 yrs rock climbing he found 2 lumps now he has the cancer back it ate away the bottom of his skull and they can’t get all the clusters so Yes I would love to join your cause It is so hard to have lost and have family and friends you love so much I pray everyday for everyone that is living with this horrific disease I wouldn’t mind being an advocate for cancer of any type God bless you all and I will keep praying Trust in the Lord He will bring you through God knows and loves each and every one of us keep looking to Him He knows our hurts and heart He may be silent sometimes feeling like He isn’t listening but He is with you carrying you through this time God bless and keep you all always

  4. Jere Carpentier says:

    I agree, this would have been valuable after I finished treatment for my first cancer. I thought I was going to be my old self but was disappointed time and time again especially at the exhaustion. Chemo and radiation seem to linger. Hair is very slow to grow. You are worried all the time about recurrence and every pain or discomfort brings you back to the thought it is back. You care differently about some things than you did before. Trees are greener, sky is bluer…and walking slower and taking the time to smell the roses replaces the rush. A new normal when everyone else has moved at a pace you can no longer keep up with. Yep…transition is a big thing!

  5. Hank Deneski says:

    Being diagnosed with Cancer was tough, being told it was inoperable was tougher, not being able to find resources, information on the internet that was newer than 5 years, or to find a support program was mind numbing. Head & Neck Cancer tried to take control, but having been diagnosed with Polio at age 8 and surviving for 50 years I knew how to take control. With the help and inspiration learned at the Inaugural LIVESTRONG Summit in Austin, I started my own Oral, Head and Neck Cancer support Program in 2007, and we now have nearly 75 members. We provide a “Transition To Life After Cancer” as early as the day you are diagnosed. Something like this would have been great for me at diagnosis, and I would not have had to suffer through treatment and several post treatment surgeries from not knowing what to expect and having to learn to deal through it on my own.

  6. Deb Anderson says:

    How do I sign up for support?

    1. Deb- there are two things you should do. 1st: If you would like this program in your area, contact your local hospitals, clinics, civic centers, etc and ask them to apply for funding. The funding applications close on April 27th. 2nd: We can help you find things in your area that can be helpful as well. Call us 1-855-220-7777 and talk to one of our patient navigators. They are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Thank you so much. We are behind you 110%!

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