A Promotores Story


To address the needs of Hispanic/Latino cancer survivors, LIVESTRONG created a cancer survivorship training curriculum to increase Hispanic/Latino community health workers?, “Promotores”, knowledge and confidence on the physical, emotional and day-to-day concerns of cancer survivors. To date, LIVESTRONG has trained over 700 Promotores across the country.

Through the 2011 Community Impact Project, LIVESTRONG will fund the implementation of our training program in 30 cities across the country. Organizations will receive a $3,000 implementation award from LIVESTRONG to cover costs associated with conducting an in-person training and recruitment and to provide honorariums to Promotores.

What are the responsibilities of Promotores? Here’s a great video called “A Day in the Life of a Promotora”. The video is available in Spanish as well. Apply today to be considered for funding!

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