Japan Relief


Responding to recent disastrous events in Japan, RadioShack Corp. and LIVESTRONG today will begin accepting customer donations in RadioShack stores nationwide to provide financial relief for the people of Japan.

From April 4 through May 29, customers may donate $1, $5 or $10 with their purchases at any company-owned RadioShack store or participating dealer location.

?Japanese industry and innovation are vital contributors in the global consumer electronics industry. As a corporate family, we determined it was appropriate to extend our heartfelt support and stand with the people of Japan as they begin the long, difficult process of recovery,? said Jim Gooch, president and chief financial officer of RadioShack Corp. ?We invite our customers to join in this collaborative effort with LIVESTRONG to help the people of Japan begin to rebuild.?

?LIVESTRONG extends our condolences to the people of Japan who have suffered disaster of epic proportions,? said Doug Ulman, LIVESTRONG president and CEO. ?As an organization dedicated to helping people in need, we have teamed up with our generous partners at RadioShack to donate to the humanitarian relief efforts underway. This donation is about more than money, it?s about renewing the hopes and dreams for thousands of people who have survived unimaginable tragedy and supporting a nation in its recovery.?

We are in contact with NGOs and partners on the ground in Japan in order to assess the most critical needs of cancer survivors and determine the best, most effective way to use these donations to help them.


  1. Harunari Kato says:

    Hi! Good Morning! I had known the Lives strong before. I found out it by Twitter. So I?d like to be helpful the Lives strong. How should I do? Would you teach me to do it? And could I get Lives strong ring? Have a good week. I?m Japanese living in Japan. Thanks you!

    1. Thanks for contacting us. We have an official LIVESTRONG advocate in Japan named Binzee Gonzalvo. He hosts events and creates ways for people to get involved there. Contact him for more info: binzeeg@gmail.com.

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