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In 2010 LIVESTRONG?s Community Program grant process evolved into the Community Impact Project, providing the largest support we’ve ever offered through our Community Program in one calendar year. Organizations applied for assistance to implement one of three model programs that have proven their impact on the cancer community through years of evaluation and success. Approved organizations appeared in our online Community Impact Project voting tool and communities across the country came together to vote in support of the programs they wanted to see implemented in their area. These programs provide direct support to over 30,000 people affected by cancer in cities across the country.

This month we?re launching the second iteration of the Community Impact Project with four model programs. These four programs improve the lives of cancer survivors both during and post treatment through hospitals, cancer centers, community organizations and universities. This year?s Community Impact Project will fund up to 90 programs with over $700,000 available in awards.

LIVESTRONG has selected four model programs available for replication. The 2011 Model Programs available for replication in your community are:

Camp Kesem: summer camps for children with a parent affected by cancer

Cancer Transitions: Moving Beyond Treatment


LIVESTRONG Promotores Training Program

Organizations chosen to implement one of the model programs above will receive an award of up to $10,000 to support implementation of the program, training and resources. We are asking community organizations to apply for funding and community residents to show support for these local groups. Apply today to be considered for funding!


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