LIVESTRONG Sporting Park Press Conference


LIVESTRONG and Sporting Club announced yesterday that we have entered into a new and innovative partnership that will allow LIVESTRONG free naming rights to the stadium and a guarantee of 7.5 million dollars over 6 years. The new LIVESTRONG Sporting Park will seat 18,500 for soccer and 25,000 for concerts. A portion of all stadium revenues, including ticket sales and concessions, will fund LIVESTRONG?s work in the fight against cancer, and will also lay the groundwork for developing local cancer survivorship services in Kansas City. Through Sporting Club?s youth soccer programs, LIVESTRONG will be able to work with children and teens to educate them about cancer and preventative efforts, as well as to expand its pioneering work in the field of young adults fighting cancer. In addition, the stadium and accompanying event complex will also be 100 percent tobacco free.

For more information about the partnership, please visit our website and watch the press conference from yesterday’s announcement below.

Lance and Cliff Illig Taking a Tour of the Stadium

Lance and Doug at the Sporting Park Construction Site


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