LIVESTRONG Sporting Park


Today we are excited to announce we have licensed our name to Major League Soccer team Sporting Club of Kansas City to name its stadium and event complex ?LIVESTRONG Sporting Park.? Through this unique partnership, fans will join the fight against cancer every time they support their team.

Go here to watch the press conference at 1pm CST today.


  1. darren gladstone says:

    Excellent news. LiveStrong – do you guys wanna be a sponsor at the home of Newcast United Football Club in England? It’s a name that’d be welcome at St. James’ Park with a capacity of 52000 on a match by match basis.

    1. We aren’t a sponsor. We were offered free naming rights. The Foundation pays nothing, in fact we will receive a portion of proceeds and a guarantee of 7.5mil over 6 years.

      1. darren gladstone says:

        Hi Brooke.
        Thanks for the reply. Sorry for my mistake in regards to sponsorship. I’d still approach the club, think of what more could be achieved on a global level with football being huge in the UK and Europe and what’s more perfect than a well known UK club pushing the LiveStrong brand further and giving it exposure to a country where the brand can be brought to the attention of those who don’t know too much about LiveStrong. It’s an idea, that’s all.

  2. darren gladstone says:

    My bad. Newcastle United Football Club. Doh!

  3. Carol says:

    Nice to see LIVESTRONG in the KC community!

  4. Aaron says:

    Huh? What does this have to do with cancer?

    No offense, but non-profits should be a bit more discriminatory about licensing their name. It is becoming more and more common to just sell your name for the money and not care if it goes back to the cause. This isn’t as bad as yellow buckets of fried chicken, but I don’t see how this addresses the fight against cancer.

    1. Ashley says:

      Read the Livestrong manifesto to understand the message of this organization. Soccer as a sport is not tied to cancer. But like any activity it is physical and it takes effort to compete or even enjoy. I love the name. Every time I go to a game I will remember that I am living, something my sister no longer can do. I am not in bed at home sorrowful. While my sister was fighting cancer she gave every ounce of energy to living life to the fullest. Cancer does not discriminate. I hope you never have to experience it with someone close to you. Cancer can consume you so you have to do every thing you can to not allow it to control what precious time you have on earth. I see this as a wonderful opportunity to send out the Livestrong message. Think how many people will see the name upon entering that stadium.

    2. John says:

      I think Brooke points out further up the page, it’s free, with a donation going to livestrong as well. Never look a gift horse in the mouth 🙂

  5. Mike says:

    How exciting is this?! WTG, LiveStrong. I love hearing of the new things that are in store for this incredible organization. What a privilege and what an incredible step for the fight against this dreaded disease.

    1. Nahid Akter says:

      Club of Kansas City to name its stadium and event complex I love hearing of the new things that are in store for this incredible organization.

  6. Kenny Scott says:


    Fantastic idea! Love the way that the LAF and LiveSTRONG continually seek innovative ideas and ways to highlight our cause through partnerships like this. Great job!


  7. Warren says:

    Great to see Livestrong become part of the MLS community! Welcome!

  8. AWESOME!!!! I will support and go. LiveStrong always!

  9. OSM Guy says:

    I have never been more proud to be a sports fan in Kansas City! I have purchased my SKC season tickets and am looking forward to being a part of something special. LIVESTRONG and Sporting KC are truly revolutionizing sports business with this stadium deal!

  10. Keith says:

    Think Aaron needs to wake the &*^% up!! Good work LAF u r always trying to get the fight out into the public I, its just to bad there are many people who could careless, wait until it happens to a family member but then again its like DUI Deaths people/family dont change their ways.

    Keep up the great positive work Lance and LAF!!!!!!

  11. jason palmer says:

    excellent idea and agree with darren please sponsor st james park home of newcastle united

  12. Benjamin says:

    What a great idea for a sport complex’s name! I’m much more inclined to appreciate a sports arena named for a purpose than another ho-hum corporation that spends too much profit on naming rights that doesn’t benefit anyone but the corporation. Kudos to the idea!

  13. Hi,

    Well Done on this sporting park, lance, thankyou.

    Maria Szczerba

  14. Nahid Akter says:

    it exposure to a country where the brand can be brought to the attention of those who don?t know too much about LiveStrong. It?s an idea, that?s all.

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