One Step Closer to a Smoke-Free Texas


This week, Texas House and Senate committees are holding hearings about smoke-free indoor workplace legislation. The bill has never gone to committee this early in the Texas Legislative Session. We need to seize this opportunity and ensure the committees approve the bill for it to be presented to the full House and Senate. Our lawmakers have the chance to guarantee all Texas workers the right to breathe clean indoor air and you can help get us one step closer to a smoke-free Texas.

There is a new Smoke-Free Texas Coalition study detailing the positive economic impact a statewide indoor smoke-free workplace law would have on Texas. Sharing this information with your representatives can strengthen our case for smoke-free legislation.

Contact your legislator and share the new study detailing the positive economic impact a statewide indoor smoke-free workplace law would have on Texas.

The study projects that a smoke-free workplace law would not only save lives, it would save Texas an estimated $202 million per year in productivity savings and reduced health care costs for smokers and non-smokers. In an extremely tough budget year for Texas, these savings cannot be ignored. We can protect employee health and save the State of Texas hundreds of millions of dollars.

Share your support and this important economic impact study with your representatives.

These hearings are only the first step in getting this vital legislation approved. Join us and send a message to your representative today.


  1. Bob says:

    Johnson and Johnson, owning Pfizer, the makers of Chantix and Nicoderm, fund the bans through their Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

    Many charities, now tax exempt political action committees, received millions to lobby for smoking bans from the RWJ Foundation. These bans are nothing but clever marketing strategy, with lots of highly publicized “sky is falling” hype.

    Tobacco control funding sources for “social change” to handle the “tobacco problem”

    Here are their tax exempt Political Action Committees. (PACs)

    Now they are being given grants to enforce their bans, admitting that bans don’t help many businesses.

    The bans are a resounding success, for Pfizer.

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