Supporting The California Cancer Research Act


Lance will be attending a kick-off media event and steering committee meeting for the California Cancer Research Act Campaign today in Los Angeles, CA. Lance has been asked to co-chair and will meet with some of the brightest minds in cancer research this afternoon.

The California Cancer Research Act (CCRA) is a statewide ballot initiative in California that, if passed, would fund research in the state on cancer and other tobacco-related diseases as well as tobacco prevention and cessation programs by imposing a $1 per pack state tax on cigarettes. The measure is expected to generate approximately $855 million in first year. As cancer funding faces budget challenges at the National Institute of Health, state biomedical research initiatives have become increasingly important.

The California Cancer Research Act shares much in common with Texas’ Proposition 15 and the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). This measure was overwhelmingly approved by Texas voters in 2007. CPRIT has funded 230 awards for cancer research, commercialization, and prevention since 2010. The total amount awarded thus far is $269 million. Together with matching funds obligated by grant recipients, more than $350 million has been invested in Texas’ extraordinary endeavor to change the face of cancer.

Facts about Cancer in California
? There are 1.2 million cancer survivors living in California today.
? This year alone, more than 140,000 Californians will be diagnosed with cancer (16 cases every hour).
? More than 54,000 will die from cancer this year.

Stay tuned for more information about the CCRA and opportunities to get involved in California.


  1. tom dusell says:

    dear lance-w/all due respect as u r an inspiration to us all.i feel your attack on us poor people who CHOOSE to smoke should be punished more.certainly a brainless politican cuold come up this an american i have the right to choose-but only the poor smoke anymore.alternatives is my favorite word and as we have already bin taxed to death,why not a tax on alchohol?pls and w/all due respect lance-we are tired of being picked on.pls consider ur alternatives and let me smoke in the pursuit of MY happiness.
    sincerly-tom dusell-i smoke.and im not rich.

  2. MILAN says:

    Why seeing this as a punishment?
    Do others see state tax increase as punishment?
    If we consciously smoke, knowing that smoking causes cancer (75% of lung cancers are in smokers),why not increase the tax for cancer research so when those smokers get sick, we can cure them with cheaper therapies. For example, i enjoy driving car, however no one asks me if I am happy that the gas prices are going up! We have to accept changes.

  3. charlie says:

    the website doesnt tell you how you can MAIL in a contrib. to support Hope 2011Cancer Research Act.


    the cig. companies wont be so unprofessional in fighting us

    1. Found the donation information here: and mailing info is:
      Californians For a Cure
      c/o Chris Lehman Consulting
      1062 G St. Suite D
      Arcata, CA 95521

  4. Barbie Johnson says:

    matching funds that are obligated by grant recipients gives even greater value to the bit of tax paid.
    If we keep it simple don’t buy a pack of cigarettes if you don’t want to pay the tax,
    if you do buy a pack, then your contributing to your own wellfair too! It’ss a win/win

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