Thanks Lance


Lance Armstrong may be retiring from competition, but he’ll never give up the fight.

As you probably know by now, Lance announced yesterday that he is retiring from professional cycling. And he made it clear that he?s going to work even harder to lead the fight against cancer.

I hope you’ll join with other members of the LIVESTRONG community in sending Lance a powerful message: We can live with the end of his remarkable cycling career, but we’re really counting on his continued personal leadership on behalf of the world’s 28 million cancer survivors.

Say Thanks to Lance!

I know it would mean a lot to Lance to know that thousands of people like you are coming together to thank him for fighting to break the hold cancer has on so many people?s lives.

But, it would mean even more if we all matched his ongoing commitment with one of our own. Honor Lance?s career and dedication with a personal decision to participate in a 2011 LIVESTRONG event. Tell Lance ?thanks? and join him by stepping forward to take on cancer by participating in a 2011 Team LIVESTRONG event. I can?t wait to see Lance?s face when I tell him how many people have stepped forward to say, ?Thanks for your commitment, Lance. You can count on me too.?

And I know Lance can’t wait for you to join the LIVESTRONG team in fighting to beat cancer.

If you?re not able or ready to commit to a Team LIVESTRONG event right now, please make a personal donation to help LIVESTRONG deliver urgently needed services to cancer survivors who are counting on our help:


  1. Brooks says:

    Thank you Lance! You have been an inspiration to all!

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