Retirement 2.0’s Top 10


Those that know me from my Planet Cancer days know that I love a good top ten list. A few of us at LIVESTRONG HQ we came up with a “Top Ten Things that Will Change at LIVESTRONG HQ When Lance Comes Back to Fighting Cancer Full-Time”.

We are so excited to have Lance back in Austin and are looking forward to having him in the office even more. Now, should we put his cube next to Doug’s or next to the gym for easy access?

  1. No more ties at work.
  2. Gym is now included on meeting room resource list.
  3. Preferred form of interoffice communication is Twitter.
  4. We will never, ever run out of FRS and Honey Stinger bars.
  5. Say goodbye to the Friday afternoon ?Try On the Yellow Jersey? sessions.
  6. Bilingual LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center staff increases by one.
  7. Olympic cycling medal can no longer be used as a beverage coaster.
  8. Tweet-up meetings, tweet-up lunches, tweet-up coffees.
  9. Office audio system permanently streams Lance?s iPod shuffle.
  10. All staff are pumped up to fight cancer 24/7/365


Heidi Adams
Senior Director of Engagement
Cancer Survivor


  1. Paula says:

    No more suspense over “who wore it best” when it comes to the annual Yellow Jersey Fashion Show.

  2. You’re my #FF this week!…


    David Edwards


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