Making an Impact: LIVESTRONG Leaders


LIVESTRONG held the first ever LIVESTRONG Assembly last week bringing together program partners, advocates, fundraising mentors, corporate partners, health care providers and grantees from all over the US. This week we are featuring a few of those partners and describing how they have been able to help cancer survivors in their communities with the help of LIVESTRONG.

Last week a small group of LIVESTRONG Leaders were brought to Austin, TX to attend the first ever LIVESTRONG Assembly. Through the LIVESTRONG Leader program, we engage individuals across the globe who are passionate about and committed to making cancer a priority in their own community. LIVESTRONG Leaders are vital to the success of the foundation by helping raise awareness, build community connections and engage others in the movement, fundraise and advocate to their elected officials at the local, national and global level.

The LIVESTRONG Leaders listened to each other tell our stories and talk about our successes, challenges, how we overcame challenges, creativity and love and support of LIVESTRONG. We learned from each other and took away new ideas. There were a few ?ice breaker? activities to help us all get to know each other and the entire Assembly was interactive.

LIVESTRONG wanted to hear from the Leaders to help make the Leader Program better for everyone. We brainstormed on key areas, discussed the best ways to improve our tools and resources to help us, community connections and the best way to do this, how to do we get motivated and what is the best ways to show recognition for individuals work.

In 2011 the LIVESTRONG Leader Program will see a few changes. It will once again be application based to allow people to sign up to become a Leader. There will be improved communications for the Leaders to share their successes, challenges and share ideas. Leaders will be focusing on commitments, campaigns, recruiting and raise awareness.

Throughout the year LIVESTRONG will center on moments to mobilize partners. Campaigns will feature a call to action. The Leader program and the Team LIVESTRONG Mentors will work together in 2011 to maximize our synergies.

The LIVESTRONG Assembly was seen as a huge success by everyone in attendance.

Brian P. Dowd
LIVESTRONG Leader: Ocean County, NJ.


  1. Great post, Brian! And, it was great to be a part of such an amazing event filled with inspiring ideas to support our local communities. For those looking to connect with the local “San Diego for LIVESTRONG” email me at: julie curesrock org.

  2. Indeed the LIVESTRONG leader Assembly was a pacesetter in bringing together stakeholders in the fight against cancer. Rowaca Cancer Group – Sierra Leone, a non-governmental organization supporting Livestrong in Sierra Leone has gained a lot of experience and will continue the quest in making cancer a priority in Sierra Leone.

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