Making an Impact: Help en Espanol


Last week LIVESTRONG held the first ever LIVESTRONG Assembly bringing together program partners, advocates, fundraising mentors, corporate partners, health care providers and grantees from all over the US. This week we are featuring a few of those partners and describing how they have been able to help cancer survivors in their communities with the help of LIVESTRONG.

We created a special training curriculum to provide Promotores (Hispanic community health workers) the information and tools to help cancer survivors in their communities navigate the health care system. At the LIVESTRONG Assembly, these Promotores gathered together to share ideas and learn how they can get the word out about ways they and LIVESTRONG can help patients in the Hispanic/Latino community.

Below is a video of a Promotora explaining what she does and why Promotores services are helpful for the community.

For more information about the Promotores Project or our services in Spanish, visit our website in English, Spanish website or call us 1-855-220-7777.


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