5 Shocking Questions


LIVESTRONG went global this past year helping to reduce stigma and improve access to care for the 28 million affected by cancer worldwide. As we began our efforts we were shocked to find the enormous impact that cancer has around the globe. In honor of World Cancer Day this Friday, we have put together a five question quiz to share the facts and test your knowledge of the global cancer burden. LIVESTRONG and our partners all over the world are working to raise awareness and shine a spotlight on the global challenge of cancer. We invite you to do the same by taking the quiz and sharing it with others via email, Twitter or Facebook.


  1. In honor of World Cancer Day, please take 3 minutes to watch The Max Foundation’s Maximize Life Video showing how people around the world living with cancer are making their voices heard through the World Cancer Declaration– and don’t forget to sign the declaration, if you haven’t already!!!


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