In Honor, In Memory and for Myself


This week we have been talking about why people ride, run, walk and participate in triathlons on Team LIVESTRONG. Now it’s time to tell us why YOU are a part of the Team. Download these cards, fill them out and share with us why you are a part of Team LIVESTRONG. Post them to our MEMORY BIB


  1. Rica Mendes says:

    Some riders have one story that inspires them to ride. For some, that story is their own story of survivorship and fighting cancer one-on-one. I am neither of those riders.

    I ride for those who can’t. I’ve never had cancer. But I’ve seen & felt the aftermath it leaves behind, and I’ve witnessed the amazing and truly awesome triumph it gives those who have been victorious.

    Last year, I rode the NYC Century Tour because I was so inspired by my mentor’s, Darlene Berggren, first victory over cancer and her second battle, which I was sure she would have won. Sadly, only days after the NYC Century Tour, she lost her fight.

    I rode the LIVESTRONG Philadelphia Challenge in celebration of my friend’s, Ryan Weiss, clean bill of health after fighting a brain tumor and release from the hospital only days before the Challenge. In less than three months later, the tumor sought revenge, its guerrilla tactics took us all by surprise, and took Ryan before many of us had a chance to say goodbye.

    I was riding the LIVESTRONG Austin Challenge to honor my closest friend’s father, who was in the process of officially being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I was in Austin, working as a volunteer to get swag bags ready for the LIVESTRONG Challenges starting the following day when I got the call. While the labwork was being completed on the biopsy sample, and only days before my friend was flying out to Israel to see his father for the first time in years, his father had succumbed to the disease.

    This year, I ride for those families who are still reeling from the sting of losing their loved ones unexpectedly. I ride because there is nothing else that I can do to soothe their pain. I’ve learned that for many, knowing that someone else feels the same injustice and is taking some form of action in their loved one’s name, and telling their stories of loss and inspiration, and making sure their loved ones’ names are not forgotten, can help them grieve and find a new path towards living their lives.

  2. Duane Lewis says:

    In memory of my father. He was a great father in so many ways. The space here doesn’t allow for a proper honor. Suffice to say though, he was an extraordinary common man. He could fix just about anything from a roof to a wash machine to car engine (before computers in them of course). He was a joy to talk to whether it was advice or simply nothing. He had a great sense of humour and loved a practical joke as he might even be the target of now and then. Most people liked him. He was a good, no great, husband. Mom misses him more than can be understood. They were great together.

    In memory of my ex-wife, the most beautiful, intelligent, and talented woman I’ve known. What a privilege for me to share our brief time together. She was much too young.

  3. German Villalobos says:

    En memoria de los que ya no estan con nosotros, de los que estan luchando para vivir, por ese coraje, en especial a mi mama que aun esta con nosotrosm

  4. Mary says:

    Cancer is so painful-Pray for all who are dealing with cancer or any other deadly disease-May you all find peace!

  5. Elizabeth McNamara says:

    i wanted to let you know that a young boy, Ian Lockwood, died this past weekend in Navarre Florida from brain cancer. In his honor we are wearing yellow tomorrow. I just felt like it was something to share. He was a Senior in High School.

  6. Quinn Emmett says:

    Hi there –

    I raised $1400 and $2850 for LIVESTRONG, the past two years, respectively.

    I love the foundation and this year I’ve put together a team of twelve friends and family to run the New York City marathon. While I’m aware that LIVESTRONG doesn’t have any guaranteed spots for the NYC marathon, we’re determined to do it. We’ve all entered through the lottery, knowing that only a few – if that – will get in.

    I’m sure plenty of athletes ask you for help, but I think we’re a special case. We plan on collectively raising $50,000 for LIVESTRONG, before the marathon in November. This is a huge goal, but one I know we can reach. I raised $21,000 for Team in Training in 2008 by myself, and together we can reach $50k.

    I’m hoping there’s something LIVESTRONG – or anyone who sees this post – could do to help us with some guaranteed entries so we can achieve our goal. The funds would be a massive help for the foundation and a great PR story. I train and fundraise in honor of my best friend, Andy, who passed away at age 30 a year and a half ago from esophageal cancer. I miss him each and every day. Every member of our team has a reason or person to train for.

    If there’s anyone who I might be able to speak with, I’d greatly appreciate it. I know the chances are slim, but I’m willing to beg anyone to help us in our quest. I know we can raise this money. We just need help getting the team in to the race.

    Thanks for everything. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


    Quinn Emmett

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