Tribute Wall


If you have attended a LIVESTRONG Challenge have probably written on the tribute wall- a wall filled with cards to honor and remember those affected by cancer. We look forward to reading the wall at each event as it reminds us all why we fundraise, ride and run. The following are a few of the cards from the 2010 Challenge series. What would your card say?




And a shout out to my Grandma- a 6 time cancer survivor, 83 and still takes her daily walks around the lake. She is LIVESTRONG!

You're Not in this Alone

The LIVESTRONG Challenge is more than just a fundraising event. It is a community gathered together to inspire and support each other with an added bonus of a really great ride and run. Take part in the LIVESTRONG Challenge this year in either Davis, CA, Philly or Austin and honor those you love affected by cancer.


  1. Kathy Romero says:

    I will never let you beat me cancer!!!!!

  2. Melinda says:

    In memory of my husband of 28 years, RIP RLS, I miss you so much. He always wore a Livestrong shirt or cap.

  3. David Demery says:

    I am posting a LIVESTRONG comment for my cousin Michelle in Pittsburgh because she has Breast Cancer and will begin Chemo Theory in 6 weeks.

    1. David- May want to check out the LIVESTRONG Guidebook for your cousin. It’s a great way to keep organized and inspired during and after treatment.

  4. Judy Foy says:

    In memory of Emma Louise Gossett Gillum (my mother) <3

  5. Judy Foy says:

    In memory of Homer Jack Gillum (my father) <3

  6. Judy Foy says:

    In memory of 2009, the year I beat cancer!!! In honor of GOD and Dr. Choo!

  7. Judy Napper says:

    My cancer was like a bad dream. I scared me for a moment, then I beat the hell out of it, kicked it to the curb, out with the trash. It was something I had, not what I am.

  8. julia says:

    I have written tributes at 24-Hours of Booty Livestrong rides in both Charlotte and Atlanta. Each time I feel like I’m keeping friends memories alive and honoring them. I will continue my tributes as long as I live, walk, bike and fundraise. Especially to honor my friend, Andreas, who live bravely and boldly for 27 months with end-stage brain cancer and died at 44 years. He did more good with his short life than many do in a lifetime. Every cancer event I do is for you, Andreas!

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