We all make them. We often break them. Resolutions are difficult to keep as they often require a complete lifestyle change. Popular resolutions include weight loss, quitting smoking, exercise, eating healthy, taking part in an athletic event like a 5k or even a marathon. Here at the LIVESTRONG Foundation and with our partners at we are here to help you achieve those goals and stick to your resolutions.

Quitting Smoking:
Quitting smoking has major health benefits that start right away. In just 20 minutes after quitting your heart rate and blood pressure drops. Within the first 9 months shortness of breath decreases and the ability to fight off infection in the lungs increases. There are many more long-term benefits of quitting smoking as well. Our friends at have created an iPhone app called “MyQuit Coach”. The application allows you to design a personalized plan to help you quit smoking. You’ll have the option to choose to quit smoking right away or gradually decrease your daily nicotine intake. And as an added bonus, all proceeds from the sale of the MyQuit Coach application will be donated to the Foundation.

Weight Loss:
Losing weight not only makes you look better, but dropping pounds helps lower your risk of cancer and other diseases. One of the best ways to lose weight is to count calories. Our friends at have created a website and an app for that too. MyPlate’s calorie counter allows you to set your weight loss goals, track your daily caloric intake and log your fitness activities. Close to 2.5 million people have used the online or iPhone app to help lose weight.

Achieving Exercise Goals:
Whether your goal is to run a marathon, participate in a triathlon, ride your bike 100 miles or just walk a 5k, Team LIVESTRONG has an event for you. This year, Team LIVESTRONG is participating in 18 events including 3 LIVESTRONG Challenges- Davis, Philly and Austin. By participating in Team LIVESTRONG you are not only fundraising for the Foundation, but ultimately you are helping people affected by cancer in your community and world-wide. Setting a goal like a half-marathon or a 5k can help keep you motivated throughout the year and more likely to stick with your new healthy behaviors. Go to to learn more.

Whatever your goal is for 2011, we hope you reach it. Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!


  1. Tom bracegirdle says:

    Aims for 2011 (no order)
    -win three road races
    -get a 22 minute time in a 10m TT
    – break the hour for a 25m TT
    -win M&DTT
    -have a decent relationship
    -if I don’t like something, don’t say anything
    -be more giving
    -do what pleases me, not others
    -have a great time on and off the bike

  2. robin says:

    what if you need help to quit smoking but you don’t have a iphone?

    1. Great question! There are several websites and programs available to quit smoking. Check out our article on Healthy Behaviors. We list a few of those sites in the “additional resources” section:

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