Send a LIVESTRONG Holiday E-Card


Send a hopeful holiday message and help fight cancer at the same time. Send a LIVESTRONG holiday e-card to someone you care about- a cancer survivor, a friend in the middle of her fight or in memory of a loved one. Your thoughtful act of sending a holiday e-card will mean a lot to the person who receives it. And your tax-deductible donation will help LIVESTRONG keep fighting for the world?s 28 million cancer survivors.

Your gift will help provide direct services to people affected by cancer through our toll-free navigation services phone line, our online help center and our new, first-of-its-kind Navigation Center. With your help, we?ll provide community grants to fund the most effective cancer support programs in the country. We?ll work with partners around the world to end the stigma that delays and prevents people getting the knowledge and treatment they need.

At LIVESTRONG, we go all-out to take on cancer. And we?re counting on supporters like you to make sure we?re fully prepared for all the challenges and opportunities 2011 will bring. By sending a holiday gift of a donation to LIVESTRONG, you?ll help get us there.


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