A Tribute to Elizabeth Edwards


Yesterday LIVESTRONG released the following statement from Lance on the passing of Elizabeth Edwards. She fought breast cancer for six years and embodied the spirit of LIVESTRONG.

Mrs Edwards also spoke at our inaugural LIVESTRONG Summit in Austin, TX 2006. She gave an amazing speech about her fight with cancer and her outlook on life. The videos below are from the 2006 Summit.

?Elizabeth was a dear friend and a great warrior in the fight against cancer. I?m deeply saddened that we?ve lost her. We shared a mission ? defeating cancer and supporting the people who live with it ? and I was proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with her many times in pursuit of those goals. She worked tirelessly to make cancer a national priority and her leadership will be greatly missed. My family and I are keeping all of Elizabeth?s loved ones in our thoughts as they say goodbye to a devoted mother and unfailing friend.? -Lance Armstrong


  1. Jerri Wood says:

    I was so fortunate to be at that LiveSTRONG Summit and to hear Elizabeth speak. Her passing yesterday was much more personal as a result, we were, we are all family, united in our hopes, our joys, our triumphs and challenges. “Well enough” to do more, to go further, farther, she lived STRONG. On Monday when it was announced that she was discontinuing treatment I was diagnosed with another tumor, one totally unrelated to my brain tumor. My 3 kids and husband are a little older than when we first started out on our survivor journey. We’ve learned alot, we’re tempered like glass, we may crack on occasion but it will take a great deal to break us. Elizabeth has provided me with a road map, what sites to visit, what detours to take and potholes and water hazards to avoid. To just say ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem enough, but it comes with much love and admiration.

  2. Mary says:

    Elizabeth was an amazing, strong, brave, caring and a real person. Sad that she is gone, but happy that she is no longer in pain, and now with her son Wade.
    God Bless Elizabeth

  3. Sherry Moyes says:

    I have always been struck by her bravery and grace in the face of so much adversity. She is beloved.

  4. Karen says:

    Thank you for posting this. It is a wonderful tribute of her fighting heart. I only knew of her politics, and she was much more than that.

  5. Carol Howe says:

    She was an amazing woman. I was really impressed by this statement from her friend: “Elizabeth did not want people to say she lost her battle with cancer. The battle was about living a good life and that she won.” I wonder if Livestrong could use this (perhaps paraphrase it to suit male or female cancer victims who do not survive) on your Memorial donation cards as a tribute to Elizabeth Edwards. Thank you for all the great work you do.

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