Mo Sistas: Support a Fuzzy Face


So your man is growing a Mo for Movember to raise awareness of men’s cancers. What a fantastic statement he is making! Here’s the thing, the in-between stages of a mo are hard on a guy. “Should I shave it off? Will it really fill out and grow in?” These are questions swirling around his little fuzzy head. Mo Sistas- this is where you come in. Support your man and compliment his mini-mo daily. It WILL grow in and he WILL look fantastic. Remember, every man deserves a little bit of luxury.


  1. Cherie says:

    Iwas part of a Dragon boat team that supported chicks in pink (until I had an injury tht put me out of it) and each year for Mo day we would padddle up to the jetty in a major tourist town all sporting Mo’s we raised alot of money and awareness. We also had a few male paddlers that loved to be included.
    Keep up the great work

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