Who Has Inspired You to LIVESTRONG?


Yesterday we asked our our Facebook community “Who has inspired you to LIVESTRONG?”. Over 1200 people shared their experiences. Responses ranged from family members to Lance to themselves. Inspiration comes in many forms, but overall the community said that support equals strength. Tell us, in comments section below, who has inspired you to LIVESTRONG. Tell us about the person that helped you through your cancer fight.


  1. Chris Brewer says:

    I would have to say my brother Robin. While he only made it for a year after his Stage 4 stomach cancer diagnosis, he truly taught me that living strong has nothing to do with how much time you have after you hear those words, “You have cancer.” It’s what you DO with that time that counts. He knew how to LIVESTRONG all the way to his final breath, saying that, “If I die, then I’m also going to kill my cancer in the process.” Great guy, and I miss him a ton – Cb…

  2. Jerry Kelly says:

    Definitely my dad, Dick Kelly. Lost him to brain cancer 14 years ago yesterday, but it was less about how strong he lived during his cancer fight and more about the people that came to see him while he was sick. I’m not sure I ever realized how much we affect the people we have contact with. Being involved with LiveStrong gives us an opportunity to affect peoples lives in a positive way, even if we never meet them face to face. Miss him, but he still affects my life.

    1. Hello Brenda i would love to share my experience with you,my husband died from kidney cancer too, he
      had 47yrs old yoo….and a girl from 4 yrs young.



  3. Brenda Drager says:

    My husband was disagnosed with state 4 kidney cancer in 2006. That hit us all as if a sledge hammer had come down and destroyed my family as I once knew it. It was terrifying enough that the kidney cancer he was disagnosed with was rare and stubborn to most treatment options available. BUT, what was worse was the the surgeon gave us peace when he said that he felt that he removed the tumor fully, removed the kidney which as become completely encased by this evil diesease. He felt that my husband “had made it”.
    WRONG INFO TO GIVE A FAMILY! Needles to say, he had a rough rovery but was told before he left the hospital that all the biospies came back good and the he was “good to go”….. We were so happy, briefly.
    I would love to share my full story of my very healthy, 47 year old husband’s struggle fighting a disese we couldn’t even see. It there is a place or a need for this story to be shared for all to read, I’m be happy to do share it to all. Haveing gone through what I did, make me stonger in may own way, and MUCH MUCH more aware of then need to be your OWN medical advocate. Medicine is a business. You are one of MANY. You must FLIGHT and be determinate to ge the answers you so rightly deserse. If anyone would like to speak to me pleasae know that I’m here. I feel as if God left me here to reach others. If I could help you in some small way….please, reach out.
    Brenda Drager

  4. Darren Mullen says:

    I have three people who have inspired me to LIVESTRONG. 1 – My dad. He was my hero…my family’s rock. He was diagnosed and passed away at age 41. Our time with him was much too short, but he taught us so much. 2 – My first wife, Deb. She was also diagnosed and passed away much too young. She showed me what true strength and courage in the face of adversity. She proved what John Wayne said, “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” 3 – my daughter Rebecca, she was 7 years old when her mom was sick, and one day I talked to her about the possibility of her mom not getting better. Becca vehemently disagreed with me, tearfully insisting “She’ll be ok.” When I gave in and asked what she meant, she said “Dad, if she gets better she’ll be ok and if she goes to Heaven, she’ll be ok.” Those three people taught me to cherish life and to LIVESTRONG.

  5. elisabeth hahn says:

    Iam a really happy women and have no problems with cancer, for the moment but nobody knows… but LIvestrong has inspired me to have a strong life and to fight agains all the bad things happend in my live I will life in a positief way and perhaps i can help other people

  6. Rica Mendes says:

    My grandmother. She was unstoppable until cancer stole her away, but that was after a valiant fight.

  7. Jere Carpentier says:

    My daughter Teresa Attebery has taught me to Livestrong. I am currently being treated for and SURVIVING my 3rd primary cancer. Teresa has been to every chemo since 1997. She was preganant for my grandson…who BTW…is now 13! She shifted uncomfortably in the chair because of her pregnancy while I smiled and showed a happy face during chemo. It made me strong. I did not worry her…and her baby was born healthy and happy. I was LIVING STRONG before I knew the words LIVESTRONG!! I will have chemo #25 for this cancer tomorrow. She will take her normal vacation day she does every three weeks to be with me. Her presence…makes me strong. I worked so long to pretend I was…that I finally believed and do!!!

  8. William Sr. says:

    My son William A. Brown Jr. passed Oct. 30. He wanted his service dedicated to the Livestrong Foundation. We had wrist bands for just about everyone (couldn’t buy enough from suppliers). We also had Orchid ribbons. Some of us had Livestrong T shirts to wear. He was 27 yo and he fought a long,hard battle. May he rest in peace. I loved hom very much. Thank you, William Sr.

  9. My late husband inspired me to LIVESTRONG even before he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease at only 34 years of age. From the beginning of our relationship, he supported my dreams, listened to my opinions and respected me. He taught me to stand up for myself. During his three year battle, he kept on living his life while going through chemo and radiation. He worked on major feature films as a production designer and traveled the world. He never let cancer stop him and he made the most of every day. By modeling this, he gave me the inspiration I would need to recreate my life after he passed at age 37. On days I feel challenged, I remember how hard he fought to LIVESTRONG even on his worst days and know that if he could do so while living with such a debilitating illness, then surely I can honor him by stepping up my game given that I have the gift of health. I now coach others through grief recovery to recreate a life that honors what was lost and takes the legacy we are left turning it into a powerful fuel for change in the world. In memory of Gary, I have chosen to LIVESTRONG.

  10. my husband passed away, lung cancer was the reazon,, we just fighted for 3 months. he had 47 yrs young, and
    a wonderfull girl 4 yrs young.
    life is hard, life is unpredictable, but is always —
    wonderfull when you are strong enought to keep going.there will be always a reazon to do so….always.

  11. Gregory says:

    It was years ago when I lived in Athens, Greece, when my boss’s daughter offered me one of those yellow bracelets she had recently bought online. She told me it was for a good purpose so I did take some time to read Lance’s story. I was deeply moved by his courage and achievements after he was diagnosed with cancer. It was only a couple of years later when I was also diagnosed with cancer. Found a good 30% hairy-cells occupation in my bone marrow (lucky enough to have found out completely accidentally through a rather routine blood test that suggested further examinations). In my case, there were 4-5 quite promising treatment procedures. Nevertheless, the diagnosis sent me chills all over my body and for a moment I did see my whole life passing before my eyes like a movie trailer in fast-forward mode… BUT, I still had my yellow bracelet on my left wrist. I still had that man’s story deep in my mind and heart. Through my chemo treatment stages, I realized that the human body and spirit and human will, is the best combination to win. Either the mental or physical challenges. Even if I had lost that fight I wouldn’t go down crying but fighting to the last moment. Now, leading a rather peaceful life, the HCL occupies about 8% of my bone marrow which is a percentage that lets me live without major failures or problems so far. It only takes a special blood test 4 times a year just to check if things run smoothly. I have been lucky to have a great Doctor’s team. I have been lucky to have a beautiful supportive family. I have been lucky to have real friends. I have been lucky to have known Lance’s story before I was hit by it. He did make me believe that Hope and Faith is a person’s best weapons.

    Thank you,
    Greg Krezos (41), Bexley NSW

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