Our Wedding, a 5K run, and a 65 Mile Bike Ride


Our wedding, a 5K run, and a 65 mile bike ride? is how we will spend an October weekend this year!

Last year we took a cruise to Mexico, went skiing in Utah, and went to Austin, TX for the LIVESTRONG Challenge. I have been involved with LIVESTRONG for 7 years; however, Brad, my fiancé, became involved just last year even though he?s lost both his oldest sister, Barbara, and his mother to cancer. During the October weekend, we spent time at the LIVESTRONG Challenge Village, ran the 5K, went to the appreciation dinner with family, and rode 65 miles on Sunday. We had family waiting at the finish line as Brad completed his longest, most challenging and emotional ride to date. After this experience, Brad said ?if we could only do one thing, if I have to pick one vacation, hands down it will be the LIVESTRONG Challenge?. So as we talked about where and when we would get married, we decided the most meaningful time and place would be to incorporate our wedding into theLIVESTRONG Challenge weekend.

LIVESTRONG is a celebration of life, the same way marriage is a celebration. The opportunity to get the LIVESTRONG message out, by incorporating our wedding celebration with the LIVESTRONG Challenge, was one we couldn?t pass up. We also wanted to honor our family members who have passed on from cancer, and this is a way to celebrate their lives and remember the influence they have had on our lives. We hope our guests will understand why we are so passionate about the fight!

As we planned the wedding, we tossed around the idea of having the ceremony at the 65-mile finish line. We joked with our friends that everyone would have to ride a bike, and we would have parts of the ceremony at each SAG stop. But, we eventually found a beautiful outdoor setting in the hill country toward Dripping Springs, TX where we will get married on Friday. Our colors are black, white, and yellow (of course), and Brad will wear the same style tux he wore at Barbara?s wedding 23 years ago.

We felt our choice also allows us to share our support for LIVESTRONG with our family and friends, and encourage them to be a part of this incredible organization. Many of our guests will also be running, riding and volunteering as part of the ?wedding weekend? events, and we are accepting donations in lieu of gifts.
If you want to walk, run, ride, or volunteer, you can sign up at www.livestrong.org/austinchallenge.

We hope you?ll join us in Austin!

Jennifer Jeansonne and Brad Didier

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