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Throughout the 2010 cycling season, LIVESTRONG and its partners have raised awareness of the world?s cancer burden and the people fighting against the disease. And on the final day of the Tour de France Lance Armstrong and Team RadioShack made one last statement, celebrating the completion of the Tour by wearing jerseys emblazoned with the number 28, a symbol of support for the 28 million people living with cancer.

While that, in itself was an amazing scene, that is not the only statement LIVESTRONG, Team RadioShack and our partners made on Sunday.

Check out the photos below of all the amazing ways our partners helped us raise awareness. And thanks again to RadioShack, Nike, Trek and Giro.

Join us in the fight against cancer and show your support for the 28 million affected by this disease.


  1. John Armour says:

    Thanks Lance and team Radioshack.
    Do you plan to make these jerseys available?
    As a 1.5 year survivor I sure would like one!!!

    1. philip szot says:

      the jersey would be way cool.

  2. Don Chamberland says:

    I want that shirt. Let me know when it is available. Price should require a generous donation to the Livestrong charity.

  3. Paul Wicker says:

    Thanks Lance and Team Radio Shack! The real sad thing is the tour officials made you guys change your jerseys. Thanks for all that you have done to fight cancer and provide people with options.

    Paul – 5 year GBM survivor

  4. Dolly Mezzetti says:

    Thank you for making a statement for all of us with cancer by wearing your number 28 shirts. There is no one in the entire Tour de France that has done more for cancer awareness than you and your organization have done. My son is a six year testicular cancer survivor and I have just passed the one year mark as a breast cancer survivor. We both continue to live strong.

    Thank you for making this year’s tour one that we enjoyed as we watched you fight and live stong each day.

    1. philip szot says:

      what lance has done for cancer research can never diminish his reputation

  5. Gary Brefini says:

    Thanks to Radio Shack for the great team funding and to all the guys in the team. Cancer took my wife 6 years ago and I know the work of Team Radio Shack and that of LiveStrong is so important. Thank you for a great Tour de France and thank you Lance! God Bless you all!

  6. judy carr says:

    please let us know how to purchase a 28 shirt

  7. Jason Wendel says:

    I would like to purchase a Black Team 28 jersey kit, the same that was almost worn on the last day of the Tour de France. Hopefully this will be possible and proceeds will support the fight against cancer. -JW

  8. Tessy Troes says:

    Sorry, but I can’t appreciate your action at the Champs Elysées. You were very rude to other fans and it was a very bad behaviour to block a space like that! You were a dozen of Livestrong fans and took the place for fifty people. Think this was no good ad for your Livestrong engagement, next time you should think about your appearance towards other fans!!

  9. Jacques says:

    Thanks for all. And I want to own such a 28 shirt. How can I get my hand on one?

  10. Terry says:

    The actions of the officials probably did not hurt the attention the team got for their action in support of the many living with cancer. At the end of the day, it might have helped to get the message out even more. So rather than worry about their response, we thank them! But most of all, thanks to the team for it’s hard work throughout the Tour and to Lance and Radio Shack for spearheading this effort to associate the effort with the foundation. It’s always a pleasure to watch the tour, and giving back in this way was easy to do and felt right!

  11. Chris Dow says:

    Actually, I would like the jersey with the number “0” on it! Thanks to everyone who supports Livestrong and other cancer support entities, I’m optimistic that jersey will be available!

    In the meantime, sign me up for a “28” model too.

  12. Maryanne says:

    Will these jerseys be available to purchase? I would love one.

  13. Dale says:

    What is the significance of the different numbers on the wheels

    1. those numbers represent the number of people affected by cancer in the rider’s home country.

  14. Marcelo Crea says:


  15. Tina-Marie says:

    Lance and the Radio Shack team made us proud. One man with a bike (and now his teammates) has done so much to affect the lives of so many…28 million with cancer are fighting every day. This year the Tour was a team effort, just like the battle to eradicate cancer – a team effort. Thank you, Lance!! Thank you, Radio Shack!

  16. Bob K says:

    The jerseys are as powerful and as inspiring as the yellow band that I have worn for the last several years for two friends who are no longer with me. Thank you Lance and RadioShack. And I too would hope the jerseys will be available.

  17. Janice says:

    Very inspiring! Thank you!! We lost a dear friend to cancer last week. It was much sooner than we thought he would go, although we knew his race was lost. This is my second close friend to die of cancer at an early age, one 31 and one 37. I don’t know how to internalize that they won’t be coming back, they aren’t just around the corner. The pain of that realization over and over is tremendous. Thank you for all you’re doing for cancer research and for the survivors! Please keep up the fight!!! Janice.

  18. Can’t wait to get a 28 jersey.

  19. Thanks Lance! says:

    Me, too. Need that jersey. Can’t wait a week or whatever for them to show up for sale!

    I’m not angry at the officials for throwing the rule book at Team RS as far as racing in their official team jerseys; however, the 28 jersey was cool and I think we got a longer look at it – and paid more attention to it – because of the controversy.

    Thanks, Lance. You’ve inspired people to take more control of their health and have provided them with tools and resources to do that. We have an uncle who really was able to use a lot of that information to help him. He got lousy odds. But five years later, he’s looking and feeling good. And he’s truly fit.

    Much as I’ve loved watching you win, your legacy is bigger than that. Hope to see you continuing to race in other disciplines and getting out there and being a visible voice for those 28 million!

  20. Hawk1eye says:

    YES – need a jersey (black 28) … and a trip to France just to wear it!

    Lost my grandmother and a neighbor recently to cancer. Can’t wait for next years race.

  21. Roden says:

    To Lance and all the team – Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do in the fight against cancer. Some people just can’t see the bigger picture (including No.8)

  22. Ernest M. says:

    I was wearing the yellow band since it first come out, not knowing that my dad would be diagnosed with Liver Cancer and passed six months later in 2007. So I have a reason keep wearing it until there is a cure.

    I’m a bike rider, so I have really enjoyed all the races You and George,Levi and the rest guys have been doing since 1999. I got a picture with the Postal Team in Vegas in 2001. thanks for the memories!!

  23. Cornelis Lemstra says:

    Good statement at the TdF. I hope these jerseys will be available for sale. I would like to have one.

  24. Jeremy says:

    Nice statement and great sentiment, but the team will probably get a fine.

    Changing kit for the last stage has been done by several teams in the past few years so if it’s arbitrary application of the rules, it’s unfair. If permission was obtained prior to, then the team should have known and done it right.

    I love the jerseys and will probably get one if they are offered anywhere online or closer to me

  25. Sandra Mitchelhill says:

    Well done Lance and the rest of team Radioshack. You’ve all ridden a great tour showing your support for cycling and cancer sufferers, survivors and researchers. Nice statement on the last day.

  26. John Coleman says:

    Many thanks RadioShackers – your performances throughout the TdF were a great inspiration to my good mate Nick – who, as I write this, is being served up another dose of chemo. Hopefully he’ll be good for a short ride this afternoon – but it’s a long road!

  27. Jeff VDM says:

    Popo even had the 28s on his back the whole tour. Cool initiative guys, those jerseys will go like hotcakes, love them! Great cause, LiveStrong!!!

  28. Jenn Iskiw says:

    I thought that Team Radioshack showed true comradery throughout the entire tour, and I was so proud of their show of support and awareness of the 28 million on the final day. Lance has been an inspiration to so many including myself. My father passed away from melanoma when I was just 2 and his survival chance at that time was 0% for his type of cancer, thanks to Livestrong and Lance hopefully another child won’t lose their father to this same disease again in the future…thank you Team Radioshack, and thank you Lance for all that you have done and continue to do. You are a true champion both in sport and in life.

  29. Beckye Estill says:

    Thank you for representing all of us in the race. We’re proud of you and all your efforts. Thank you for your support. This was great coverage!

  30. Amine says:

    Very inspiring ….rely

  31. Josh Rodgers says:

    You guys rock!

  32. Bitten Vikanes says:

    Well done, Lance and the RadioShack team! You have been an inspiration to many people, also in Norway. Tomorrow, on July 28, a 19 year old boy from my district will end his 40 days – 5307 km – on bike on a tour around Norway. He is doing this in order to raise money for the fight against cancer. So far he has reached about 700 000 NOK, about 113 500 US dollar! Check out these pages:!/pages/Norge-Rundt-for-Kreftsaka/132281543453770?v=wall
    Unfortunately, they are in Norwegian, but you may get an impression of this boy’s commitment. He is vey much inspired by you, Lance, and Tour de France!

  33. GRANDI ……………..

  34. Scott C says:

    Please add me to the list of people who would love to pay (including a donation) for one of those Jerseys… My mother lost her battle with cancer last year and I would love to wear something that shows my support for this worthy cause… I loved the statement, as I really appreciated touches like the Nike chalk bot messages…

  35. Adam says:

    I would like a 28 Jersey as well. Please let me know how I can get one.

    Thanks – Adam

    1. Will be sold on the first or second week of August.

  36. Tudor says:

    Lance, you can win La Vuelta easy , if you want.
    And next year Il Giro.

  37. Jim says:

    Bravo Lance for your continued efforts to bring attention to this horrible disease. I can’t wait for the 28 jersey to be available. It will match my 1274 bike perfectly. Hoping to ride with you at Wapiyapi, and see you next year in CO for the new stage race. All the best as you continue to raise awareness. LIVESTRONG Lance.

  38. Livestrong! I’m a 6 year lung cancer survivor and my grandson is a 15 year liver cancer survivor. Team 28 is incredible and we await the sale of a jersey. Thanks and continued blessings to the Livestrong crew!

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