For Stacy


Every Tour de France since 1999, I?ve carried the same good luck charm with me. It reminds me of a friend who helped me beat cancer and start my true mission in life, the fight against this disease.

photo by Liz Kreutz

photo by Liz Kreutz

In January of 1997, Stacy Pounds helped me launch LIVESTRONG, a foundation that serves people and families affected by cancer, just as I was completing my own cancer treatment. That same month, Stacy, a chain smoker, was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer.

All of us who knew her were devastated. My mother gave me two crucifixes. I wore one and gave the other to Stacy. I said, ?This is going to be our bond. You wear it when you?re being treated or whenever you want. And I?ll wear mine forever.? We wore them as symbols of our cancer kinship.

Stacy deteriorated quickly. The doctor told us she only had a matter of weeks to live.

Stacy?s son, Paul, was a sailor serving with the US Navy at sea. We called Charles Boyd, the only four-star general I knew, for help in getting Stacy?s son home to see his mother. ?Lance,? he said, ?I lost my wife two years ago to cancer. I?ll see what I can do.? The next day, Paul was on his way home. That?s what the term ?cancer community? means.

At the same time, Stacy went into a nursing home. ?I?m in pain and the nurses don?t bring me my pain medicine,? she said. We took her home and hired a full-time Hospice nurse to take care of her.

Her son arrived and Stacy spent her remaining days at home with him. On October 2, 1997, I celebrated the one-year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. On October 3, 1997, Stacy died. She was buried with her cross.

Despite the standings, I know that good luck rides with me every day. I am riding for Stacy and the 28 million people around the world living with cancer today.


  1. Matt says:

    It truly is amazing the bond that is made going through treatment. i had a friend who was diagnosed just before i was and didnt make it. i bear his initials in a tattoo that i feel keeps him with me in spirit.

  2. Jean says:

    I am almost wordless after reading this.
    My mother recovered from breast cancer, my dad died of lung cancer and my cousin died of leukaemia.
    Three words;
    dignity, strength, honour.

  3. Love it. I’m college student of medicine 🙂 I’ll syudy oncology and Hope can help you 🙂

  4. Laz says:

    Lance, even if you’d been born somewhere where you never even saw a bike, you still the great man you are. Thank you for the strength you give to so many.

  5. Karrie says:

    This is why Lance Armstrong is Lance Armstrong.

  6. Neil says:

    I turned to Livestrong when my friend from college was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. He survived the cancer and is thriving now.

    Thanks for your hard work at Livestrong and on the mountain passes of stage 16. You were something to behold today. Your strength is the strength of leadership.

  7. William Marsh says:

    My sister is going through Chemo now for breast cancer – found 2 months ago after she moved her mamogram up 6 months – something inside her told her to. I have open heart surgery next week- I will be repaired but for her all other cancer patients the story is quiet different. Thanks for eveything Lance- can’t say enough about you- sure want to meet and thank you in person some day.

  8. Lin Marche says:

    Both my parents died from cancer. My sister is fighting
    for her life now, going through her 3rd round of chemo
    after her cancer came back for the third time. My
    neighbour’s daughter 6yrs old has stage 5 cancer. I
    know how it feels when we lose someone to cancer. It sucks!!

  9. Helen says:

    What a wonderful story and I know that Stacy is watching you as you cycle through the Tour de France. Keep up the committment! My mother had breast and brain cancer and I constantly wear a bracelet that belong to her in remberance of our heros in our life.

  10. Cheryl Sobolewski says:

    Thank you, Lance, for the hope you give others and for committing your life to fighting cancer. Stacy’s story touched my heart. You are special. God bless you.

  11. Kristine, Dallas says:

    Praise God and you’re right~ the standings don’t matter. YOU are a survivor, a hero to many and example for all!

  12. You totally rock. Nice ride today. Looking forward to watching you compete in triathlons until we get old and gray. Oh wait, I already am. 🙂 LiveSTRONG my brother.

  13. Liese says:

    Lance, I used to read your book out loud to my husband as he lay in bed, he never recovered and he never heard the end of your book, but he felt strongly about ‘living life on his own terms’ and he died on his ‘own terms’. I’ve kept the book in ‘Daddy’s box’ to give to my son when he is old enough to read and understand your life messages. Liese

  14. Jade Topp says:

    Thank you Lance. You help so many, including myself, fight a good fight & for some of us myself included we survive.
    We go on to tell your story, our stories as leaders of small armies joined at the hip to the LIVESTRONG Army.
    You always Ride True & on your terms.
    That is what you teach us. I am moved to tears by your story of your kinship with Stacy. I know God watches over you everyday … I pray him there.
    Again, Thank you.

  15. Chevalier Errant says:

    Dear Lance,

    You have the Heart of a Noble Knight.

    I belong to a unique Order of Knights named after the dauther of Peter the Great.

    I have the authority to name someone as Knight with a Letter from my Count & Patent.

    I am offering you the title with a Lifetime membership.

    You are a KT in shinning Armour.

    Simply send me a brief note with your approval once you are back from France.


    God Bless!


  16. Lori says:

    Lance I was cheering you on from my office today. Jumping up and down as you approached the finish line. It may not been the outcome for the day we all wished for you but your strength carries so many. Including my mom. Thank you for riding and spreading the word!

  17. Cobi van Mourik, Rotterdam, The Netherlands says:

    I lost my best friend Andrea (35) to breast cancer. Put fresh flowers at her picture every week. Cherish all small things that belonged to her and were given to me by her parents. My brother Martin, also a cyclist, who died from a heart attack at only 35, was one of your greatest fans. I know this is your last Tour, so I was grateful to have the chance to see you race in my hometown. I’m sure Martin was with me when you passed me on the Koninginnebrug. You and your fight against cancer ar very much admired by your many Dutch fans. Many people were moved by your visit with the cancer patients at the Daniel den Hoedt clinic. Actions like these, even when you have a tight schedule and probably much stress about the days to come in the TdF, make people aware. Thank you.

  18. Denis says:

    The french commentator Thierry Adam doesn’t know really how the chalkbot is working,can somebody explain him before the end of the tour,he was starting to bitch heavily about it today

  19. Denis says:

    And thanks a lot for the ride today!!

  20. Dave says:

    Powerful words you have written… It’s a source of strength and inspiration for me, living with and fighting stage IV cancer.

  21. Carolynn says:

    Lance is an angel to so many…he is in my life.

  22. Vickie Murphy says:

    This is why I support Lance Armstrong and LIVESTRONG

  23. Joe says:

    I lost my mother in law to cancer 8 years ago. She lived the last year of her life and gave it a solid fight, with us — strangely it the first year of our son. She was a very practical human and was a peace at what life had dealt her.

    You are so right. Often we forget the real important things in life.

    You are an inspiration — you are a WINNER in the Tour de France and in life and will be forever. Your legacy is not the 2010 Tour, it’s what you did on the pedestal of your 7 wins, the imprints of LIVESTRONG on the planet that will stay forever.

  24. Lindsay says:

    Each day that you pedal and end that stage is a day that you have conquered the race. Regardless of the standings, the fact that you are able to compete is a testament to your strength and perseverance.

    Both of my grandfathers, my father, and my grandmother were diagnosed with cancer – all within two months of one another – although each had a different variation. Three are survivors, and this fall mark nineteen years ago that my grandfather lost his battle.

    Thank you for your commitment, dedication, and perseverance. You are a light to many.

  25. Kerry says:

    I am so touched by your story and your bond with Stacy.As a survivor bonds are formed and there is nothing like it. I never realized how close your cancer diagnosis, was so close to my own. Wishing you blessings.

  26. Thank you, Lance, for all that you do – and even more so, for all that you inspire so many others to do! Thank you for sharing your story.

  27. Dieuwke says:

    Respect!!I’ve got somuch respect for you,Lance!
    The time that you were in Rotterdam, that you’ve visited the Daniël Den Hoedt Kliniek. And at july the 1st,you had a trainingtour for 80km what later became 40km with my friends, because they knew the way…You know , my friends you’ve cycled with,the lady has had cancer to. Probably you know..she told you I suppose.
    My sister in law had cancer to..she is clean now but…My aunt died one month ago, she had cancer. A good friend of my, he has cancer right now…Terrible!

    I know you believe in God either!God is with you in the TdF! Good luck!

  28. Gordon Robst says:

    My Son Jesse gave me a “LIVESTRONG” yellow band not long after I was diagnosed in 2004 (I have CML). I wear this 24/7, this band has been on my wrist through all of my bone marrow aspirations and Doctor visits, as well as all of the good and bad times along the way. Jesse has also worn his LIVESTRONG band for this same time period……as small as it may seem to some…it’s our bond though these uncertain times.See More

  29. Jeri says:

    Wonderful story Lance. I’m a survivor also. Thanks for all you do.

  30. Emily says:

    Lance, you are an inspiration to millions. Standings don’t matter. The fact that you are alive and well and able to get on a bike at all is truly amazing. You are an amazing athlete and humanitarian.

    Today is my final chemo treatment. I’m writing this from a recliner in the infusion suite. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometrial cancer at the end of December 2009 at the age of 40. It’s been a long six months of chemo and surgery and more chemo, but I’m hopeful. A day that I can get on my bike and ride is a good day.

  31. This brought tears to my eyes…thank you Lance for being such an inspiration to others. You really were the winner today!

  32. Joe Doyle says:

    I recall reading about Stacy in “It’s not about the bike” and it really hit home – many family members smoke before they died (or still do). Thanks for riding for all these people, Lance. You really attacked the way people think about cancer and your methods of self-education are the basis for greater survival rates.

    Bonne chance into Paris!

  33. Cynthia Barrett says:

    What an inspirational story! Thanks for all your hard work! I am a seven year survivor of stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, and my husband asked the doctor what some good reading material would be to help me cope. She said Lance Armstrong’s book “It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. He bought that book for me, and through the tears, it made me that much stronger. I felt great Hope and Inspiration! I was also lucky enough to receive a signed jersey from The Tour de France at an auction from the Mother’s Against Cancer luncheon. Thanks for all your support of the cancer community. You make us all want to get involved!!

  34. lobo says:

    I have full knowledge of the pain felt with the loss of your friend. The same loss is mine alone now. Losing both parents to cancer. So now, the one thing for pain, is taking treatments myself.
    I truly understand the bond you have shared that will be with you inside always.

  35. Kristin says:

    Thank you Lance. Keep ridin and LIVESTRONG!

  36. Linda says:

    Lance as you say, “It’s not about the standings” I would agree. I believe it is about what you stand for and how you have moved a nation and the world for that matter. In all of the stages this year you have shown incredible “poise” providing all of the viewers to see and understand why you are there and the meaning of your comeback. You have riding with incredible drive, determination, grace, respect for the sport, hope, and undying faith. From the Prologue, to the cobbles and the mountaintops you have inspired even more people to look inside themselves recognizing their own potential and compassion for others. I have no doubt you have made Stacy very proud and honored as you have the rest of us as you continue to share your cycling journey as a cancer survivor. Thank you

  37. Cindy Graf says:

    When people ask me “What do you do” I always respond, “I FIGHT CANCER” what do you do? You are my Cancer Warrior Lance, And I am proud to fight this battle beside you any day of the week. I know Stacy is looking down proud as can be!

  38. Steve says:

    Lance, you are a very relatable person, and people will continue to thank you for that. I have not been close to cancer, but as I read these posts, my heart goes out to everyone who is. Someday I will get close to it, one way or another, and without Stacy and you, LIVESTRONG wouldn’t be there to help.

  39. Barbara, Dallas says:

    What an amazing story; we all have love ones and friends that we met while going through chemo; radiation; hair loss and all that goes with that dreaded word “Cancer”. I don’t think I could have made it without my friends – my pink sisters who share a common bond; and all my family that helped me through my journey – 2 years remission – just taking one day at a time. Keep riding – and stay strong – Lance

  40. it is an extract from Lance’s first book. I really adore that book and the hero who wrote it. i began reading this book to the time my grandfather died of cancer in 2003.


  41. Debbie Gibbs says:

    My mum is 3 months into her battle against ovarian cancer, I gave her your biography to read and you are our inspiration. She’s fighting hard and we are praying hard. God sppes to you on the rest of the Tour, keep doing the amazing work you are doing with Livestrong.

  42. Billy Hughes says:

    Thank you Lance!!

    I am stage 4 lung cancer, I also have a tumor on my neck and tongue… It sucks when we try to tell people that we are in pain and they don’t get it. I had many bad moments trying to keep the pain away, asking for more medication and asking to pay attention to me. It took me 4 days without food or water and a lot of pain until I was admited to the hospital. I have a couple of great doctors but a found a few bad chemo-nurses in between. Some nurses were cold, had no compassion to me or my family.

    i am at the Osceola Regional Hospital(Florida) now fighting a infection on my mouth. It hurts so bad. I got blisters on my mouth after my 18 round of radiation. Had to stop chemo yesterday to fight infection. I t is very hard, but life deserves more than pain… courage and perseverance will make all better. you are a very good example!


    Billy Hughes

  43. Kathy Behn says:

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2008. My tumor was too big to be removed. I started weekly chemo in 3/09. Surgery 10/09. More chemo until 6/29/10. 33 radiation treatments until 6/10. Did it all with no insurance but with lots of hope. Lance is such an inspiration to me. We are long time fans of Tour de France. Today, my oncologist told me he doesn’t need to see me for 3 months. We are broke and owe money everywhere, we have no more retirement funds, but I am here and I am smiling. As soon as I get some strength back, I will be volunteering at my dr’s office to help others thru this. Please keep inspiring us. I found that a positive attitude is the best thing you can have. THANKS Lance

  44. Pat Livernois says:

    When my son was diagnbosed with brain cancer on his 22nd birthday we were all devastated. Your book helped alot and watching you move ahead and win 7 times in the toouyr de france was great encouragemnet to him. He went through hell and survived for almost five more years. Unfortunately he lost his battle last year at age 28. We always wish you well as you mwere an inspiration to him.

  45. Cara says:

    Great read on the fifth anniversary of my dx. Thanks.

    My c. experiences have been lonely ones, but I quietly look to the LAF community as my otherwise nonexistent support system. Thank you for being a beacon.

  46. Kristy says:

    I still wear my best friends bracelet. I bought it for her in London and asked her family when she passed if I could have it. They took it from her arm and put it on mine. I’ve only just realised as I write this that she must have been wearing it when she died … isn’t that odd that I never registered that fact before now.
    My friend Lori lives on in my heart.

  47. Sally says:

    My brother is battling pancreatic cancer right now. He’s 41 years old and has been Living Strong for 8 years. I have not taken off my LiveStrong bracelet since the day I bought it 8 years ago. Lance, you are and inspiration to so many—and especially to my brother. He was an avid outdoorsman who loved to hike, cycle, hunt, and fish. His wife is riding in her 3rd LiveStrong Challenge in Philly this year. We love you and your foundation!!! God Bless!

  48. Tais says:

    Cancer deteriorates your body but not your soul. Thank you for fighting for yourself and everyone else. We follow you with love as much as luck follows you.

  49. Lorrie O'Leary says:

    You truly are an amazing guy Lance!! I remember that story from your book “Its not about the bike”, and it again, brought tears to my eyes. You have inspired me in all rhelms of my life. I loved you when I watched you win all seven of the tours-all knowing you had overcome cancer/treatment-and still had the endurance in the hardest sport in the world. Being a RN that truly was all amazing to me. I supported LIVESTRONG and have worn my wristband for at least 9 years. I passed them out to all of my friends, way back when. I had and still have your picture of my locker at work, (I work as an Registered nurse)and always joke that it is a picture of my boyfriend! lol So the day when they told me I had lung cancer, you were the first person I thought of!! It was so shocking, as I was NEVER a smoker! The first night after my surgery to remove my left lower lobe of my lung, I asked a friend to bring me my book, “Its not about the bike” that was in my nightstand. I read and reread that book so many times during recovery from my surgery and chemotherapy. That book/you helped me through sooooo much! And you didn’t even know that! Ha! I figured you survived cancer, although you went through hell-you survived. I don’t know how I would of made it through all that if I didn’t have you to inspire me to “LIVESTRONG”. I thought I am young (41) and always have been very athletic, I can make it too. So yes, you are sooo inspirational. Before my cancer, I fell in love with cycling/spinning because of you! And you made me want to be stronger. Thank you Lance Armstrong! BTW, I still wear my LIVESTRONG wristband and my 2 kids proudly wear them too! And I celebrate 3 years 8 months cancer free!! Whoot Whoot!!!

  50. Anna Marcolin says:

    No words. Just tears. Thank you.

  51. Roberto says:

    Hi Lance today is my cancer 1 year anniversari day. A bit hard path. Do your best to help us to became curable this bad disease

  52. pepe says:

    lance u did outstanding, i am inpired cause on stage 16 u had it, ok u should have taken off at the 1km and sprited from there u would have won, dont leave next year just practice 1 more year ur the best and but i know age get us am 44 but u give us so much, livestrong and go strong, a friend

  53. Renea Rosson says:

    A truly touching story. Thanks Lance for sharing so much of your life and your love for others. I lost my mother who was my best friend to breast cancer. I lost my 26 year old son,Derick Danko, to testicular cancer just 3 years after my mother. No mother should ever have to hold the hand of a dying child. I have been involved with the Lance Armstrong foundation since my sons diagnosis. His dream was to meet “the man” (is what Derick called Lance). I was honored in 2008 to be invited to be a part of the Livestrong Summit in Columbus, OH and recently a part of the OVAC in Washington, D.C. When the Lance Armstrong Foundations contacts me, I’m there doing whatever is needed and honored to be a part. It’s a small way to continue to honor my son. Thanks Lance for all you do and for your diligent fight not only to beat your own disease but to help others in their own personal battle. Renea Rosson – Clarsville, TN

  54. Marie Kletke says:

    Thank you for being such an inspiration. I am battling Stage 1 breast cancer. After going through all the tests and surgery, it is truly amazing to see what they have accomplished thanks to the efforts of people like you. I face the possibility of more surgery but I can face it bravely and know that I will beat my cancer simply because you have. Fight on! You are doing great!

  55. jack says:

    powerful stuff, lance. godspeed.

  56. Andy reim says:

    I remember Stacy from your first book. Then I was a Lance Armstrong fan. I have followed your Livestrong organization since you started it. Now I am cancer survivor. When I heard the diagnosis the first place I turned to was Livestrong. I wear my yellow band to remind me that cancer is not who I am, it is who I beat. Your ride in stage 16 will live forever as a positive role model. Thank you.

  57. An absolutely magnificant effort on Stage 16. Keep it up, don’t give it up. Bruce

  58. Sylvia van Wingerden says:

    Thank you for being you, for the hope and inspiration you spread. You have an empowering effect on people. please don’t ever change!

  59. Bob Ault says:

    Stage 16 was phenominal! I am 41 and you are an inspiration to all us recreation riders as well as racers who arent 22 anymore. I was on the edge of my seat yelling GO LANCE GO…the way you challenged all the way to the line was…well… words can not explain it. GO LANCE

  60. Kelly Foringer says:

    Dr. Mr Armstrong, I learned about ypou a few years ago. I Never watched you race. Untill a couple years ago. My ex husband made me watch, and then he told me your story. From that moment on I respected you. It wasn’t for who you were dating or the miles you rode. It was for your fight and love to help others with Cancer. You are amazing and the lord put you on this earth I think to help others through this, and make others aware. Keep up the good fight. I hope you never have to fight for me. I love you even though I don’t know you…xoxox

  61. Ana says:

    Lance: I heard this week about a senator who wants your head … and i said, you know what, i don’t care about doping or not, why people can’t see the heart, the soul, the fighting for life?. Why the people think every success is a cheat? … Why for the people is impossible to believe in gifts?. I think your attitude, your courage, your success riding is not a cheat, is simple, you are a gift person who came this world to help, to teach, to save lives … I’m proud about you, and every day i wear my livestrong band and i appreciate your presence in my life !.
    You are not alone in this voyage … GO FOR IT!



  62. David Ragland says:

    Hi Lance,

    I’ve been enjoying watching you on the Tour this year – good job on stage 16!

    I lost my wife to breast cancer nine years ago. I just wanted to say thank you for all you’re doing to fight this terrible disease.

    Your dedication and perseverance on all things, on and off the bike, is an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  63. Cindy Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. I was diagnosed in 1999 with ovarian cancer and started wearing my LIVESTRONG bracelet when they came out, and have watched every TDF since your return. Unfortunately my battle didn’t end there—2005 Breast Cancer and in 2006 Stage IV Colon Cancer which I’m still battleling. I still were my bracelet and I LIVESTRONG everyday (good or bad). Thanks Lance for all you do for the cancer community.


    Hi Lance
    just wanted to say you are an insparation to me and
    my family. i have been watching you in this race and
    its truly inspiring.this organisation you have is great i always wear my wristband. i lost my dad to cancer on may 28 2000 and my mom also to cancer on october 29 2009 i just think everything happens for a reason. keep up the good work.

  65. Thea Khama says:

    Greetings Lance

    It was so exciting, moving and inspiring to see all the Livestrong yellow campaign across the stage the other day. You never gave up the whole way and were inspiration in action. You have dignity and honor and nothing to be ashamed of. You have conquered so much more than the average person in less than half a lifetime and you stand up there on the podium of so many people’s imaginations. Keep smiling! You inspired me years ago to get on a bike and move like the wind and you still do it today.
    Thank you for all you do for the world.
    I don’t care what any of the critical reports say, to me, and most people, you are a true champion of champions. Well done on stage 16… we were riveted.
    Thea Khama

  66. Helen says:

    My sister has ended 6 months of chemo and is now going through radiation. I am on my way for biopsies after abnormal mammogram and ultrasounds. All seems very surreal. The Livestrong community helps to make it more tangible and less lonely. Lance the bad days on the tour are as symbolic and inspirational to those observers as the good ones.

  67. Davor Dzepina says:

    Dear Lance,

    4 yrs ago I suffered from colon cancer stage 3, at the age of 39. Luckily, I discovered it by chance and on time, playing my sport (curling) as a professional player – on that day I was feeling tired playing at tournament and discovered severe anemia the days following. After medical exams, cancer was evident and I had an operation + 6 months chemo. Thanx God, now everything is fine, I feel perfect and this year my curling team won Croatian championship (with myself participating in team). Since I am a MD by profession, now I have incredible opportunity to work with people with cancer from both points of view: as a physician and also as a survivor. 

    As You can see, we both share two things: we are champions as well as fighters! :-)))

    Thanx for your time and patience, and especially for many exiting moments from 2010 Tour. Stay well & good luck at Stage 17!

    Davor Dzepina, MD, PhD
    Zagreb, Croatia 

  68. Anne Sheldon says:

    Thank you Lance for all that you do. Your story here is very touching. My grandfather, mother and older brother have died of colon cancer. My next oldest brother is living with colon cancer. He has been diagnosed as terminal, but three years later is still fighting. Only a few years ago, this would not have been possible, except for the advances that have been made in research for a cure, thanks to fighters like you. Thank you Lance. I will miss you when you are no longer racing.

  69. EVEN Nicole says:


    I wish I would be as strong as you are! Want to thank you to give hope to all the people in the world who suffer from cancer. So did I, but sometimes (have to admiut) it’s difficult not to lose hope. Thought you could make it on Tuesday, but unfortunately……..
    Stay healthy and continue encouraging people.

  70. sherry says:

    I read this with tears in my eyes. My cousin, Keith Johnson-age 52, died in May 2010 from melanoma. His treatment was a nightmare which I won’t even begin to describe. He ultimately lost his battle. He leaves behind Jane (his wife), and his children, Kristen and Matt.
    I would give anything if he could have been celebrating life as a survivor but it was not meant to be. My heart goes out to all who have battled this beast.
    Lance Armstrong is an inspiration and hero to many out there. I continue to be in awe of his strength on the bike and in fighting cancer. Thank you for all you have done to help further cancer research and awareness of what those who face that diagnosis go through.
    I cannot begin to list the loved ones who have faced this uphill fight. Some of them were winners, others not. I am amazed at their strength and perseverance.
    Ride on Lance. We will miss you out there on the bike. But I strongly believe you have a much higher calling–press on!

  71. Nicholas Corbin says:

    Hey my father was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer about 2 years ago when he went in for a routine MRI. They thought they could remove it, then realized the couldn’t, then thought they could fight it with chemo and radiation and it never worked. He was supposed to pass away back in January and has been fighting amazingly since. I have worn a livestrong wristband for the past few months and strongly believe in it when I am not around my father. When I feel weak or when I am running a few miles at the gym I look down at it and start running harder until I can not physically do it anymore. I would like to order more wrist bands and hand them out to people who believe

  72. Anne says:

    Almost daily,the work you are doing is giving me hope and inspiration to seek a higher level of support in my life as a cancer survivor. 11 years out and still figuring out how to manage some of the fallout. Took your survey today and can see by the questions that you are making a difference for alot of us. Glad to be on your team! Thanks so much!

  73. Craig Stowell says:


    Thank you every day for your relentless support and efforts in fighting cancer. I lost my mother to cancer some years ago and since have seen many other friends and/or relatives effected by it. I also thank Stacy for her support of you in fighting this disease. I am a biker, and follow you and your fight against cancer often. Have worn a yellow bracelet since you started them and consider your heroic efforts tremendous. Fight on brother.

  74. Sandra Mitchelhill says:

    Thanks Lance. Although sad, this is a great story.

  75. Lyndy Rol says:

    I am reading your first book now and just read the Stacy story. I bought your book for my son when it came out, because of the cycling.
    I didn’t know that these years later it would be even more meaningful for me as both a cyclist and now being halfway through chemo. I am still trying to go to work daily, rode my bike to work a couple of days, I arranged to get 3 spots so i can ride one way and pick the bikes up another day.
    I loved the chalkbot in the Tour, I saw my message on telly as the pelloton rode over it, BIG excitement and doubled when I got the confirmation email so I knew I wasn’t dreaming.
    THanks Lance for everything you have done and are doing for us.
    Hope you might come Downunder again even if you don’t ride.
    You are truly an inspiration!!!
    cheers L

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