Team LIVESTRONG Runs Coming to Niketown


This coming week, nine different Niketown Run Clubs have offered to do LIVESTRONG Night in conjunction with their free run night. We invite everyone to come out and run with LIVESTRONG.

Here is the schedule for next week.

Portland – Monday July 19 530 PM
Denver – Tuesday, July 20 530 PM
Seattle – Tuesday, July 20 600 PM
San Francisco – Wednesday, July 21 600 PM
Los Angeles- Thursday, July 22 630 PM

Chicago – Thursday, 7/22 600 PM

New York City – Tuesday, 7/20 600 PM (Survivor Africa Cast Member: Ethan Zohn to speak)
Boston – Wednesday, 7/21 630 PM
Miami – Tuesday, 7/20 630 PM


  1. @epiciphoneguy says:

    Plz bring some Livestrong events to atlanta!!

  2. griveaud jean-françois says:

    merci monsieur LANCE pour l’image que vous donnez du courage de l’ humanité , malgré les détracteurs qui ont tenté de vous attaquer la meilleure réponse vous leur apportez sur ce tour 2010 , je vous présente mes plus sincères RESPECTS

  3. @Epiciphoneguy-
    We do! Go to They are an official event of the foundation.

  4. surfert says:

    How about San Diego?

  5. b banwari says:

    Thankx 4all thoes great sportyears.., and it whas ablessing 2see you win le tour de france 4 zeven times…
    you whas are one off the biggest athleet off the world…


  6. ACH-ALX says:

    Bring an event to Washington, DC!

  7. Jpratts says:

    Lance, pls win just one stage, kmon buddy I am with you, be strong, be you!

  8. Marjon says:

    Dear mr. Armstrong, please try to come to the Draai van de Kaai in Roosendaal (Holland).

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