Meet Team LIVESTRONG’s Lindsey Ginko


One of best things about having the LIVESTRONG HQ in Austin, Texas is we have an amazing athletic community that has jumped at the chance to be a part of Team LIVESTRONG. With having the AVIA Austin Triathlon, LIVESTRONG Challenge-Austin and LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon right in our back yard, we meet some pretty amazing folks that have joined us in the fight. Meet Lindsey Ginko, she is a wife, mother of 2, Ironman finisher and is back for her third event with Team LIVESTRONG at the AVIA Austin Triathlon Labor Day weekend.

Lindsey Ginko

Lindsey Ginko

How many events have you done with Team LIVESTRONG?
I have completed 2 events with Team LIVESTRONG. I did AVIA Austin tri in September of last year and the Austin Marathon in February 2010. Ready for more at the AVIA Austin Triathlon in a few months!

What is the best part of being on the TEAM?
I really enjoy being on the TEAM because we all have something in common in that we are creating awareness and raising money for an amazing cause and get to do it all while doing something good for our bodies! I love wearing the jersey on race day and cheering other teammates on. Hearing the spectators yell “Go TEAM LIVESTRONG” just makes you feel good too!

Why did you join up with us?
I joined TEAM LIVESTRONG because finding a cure for cancer has touched me in a very personal way. I lost my cousin, Eric, who was only 28 years old and a father of two little boys to Leukemia two years ago. I continue to run / race in his memory. It means a lot to me to be able to do this for him and his family.

Why do you keep coming back?
I keep coming back to TEAM LIVESTRONG because it has been such a great experience all around. It’s fun being a part of a team and having the same goals in mind. The website each participant has is very efficient and easy to send out, communication from the the support team at LIVESTRONG is outstanding, and raising awareness to help find a cure for cancer is important to me.

What is your own personal goal for the AVIA Austin Triathlon this September?
My personal goal for the AVIA Austin Triathlon is to place in the top 3 of my age group and top 10 overall!

I know you work at a local gym, how have you been able to spread the LIVESTRONG message in your classes or with your clients?
I have the opportunity to work with some amazing members at LifeTime Fitness and get to spread the word about the LIVESTRONG in my classes. The members are extremely supportive and eager to help me get the word out among their family and friends as well. We have put on some awesome 2-hour indoor benefit rides that everyone has really enjoyed being a part of at LifeTime. We hope to do a swim clinic (Swim Strong benefit) this summer for the members. We get the local community involved by having some great door prizes to give away to the members during the benefit rides. It’s been fun creating energy and excitement at our benefits to help spread the LIVESTRONG message.

In just one sentence, what does LIVESTRONG mean to you?
LIVESTRONG to me means hope, confidence, inspiration, enjoy life, laugh, courage, and a never give up attitude!

It?s not too late to join Team LIVESTRONG for the AVIA Austin Triathlon this September. You can do the Sprint or Olympic Distance. Join us at

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