Lance Rides for Latrice


If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve needed extended care you know the importance of nurses. Lance is riding in honor of the nurse that took care of him during his treatment at Indiana University, Latrice. She helped him through one of the most difficult times in his life and became a good friend. LIVESTRONG is here for nurses and we offer information, support and training for those that care for others. If you are a nurse and want to learn more about how to serve young adults with cancer, go to our friends at the Nurse Oncology Education Program (NOEP)


  1. Sharon says:

    My dad passed away in December from lung cancer. His home health nurse was wonderful. Her name is Shannon Klein and she became like family for us.

    Also, my grandfather had pancreatic cancer in 1960 and was sent home to die. (He lived until 2001.) His nurse was a man named Chuck, who also became part of the family, and at our family reunion last summer he was made an “honorary brother.” There wasn’t a dry eye at the reunion.

  2. lesley says:

    I have a rare cancer- without the support of LAF and Lance’s example of drive I would never have been able to fight for the treatment I have had. I am very lucky – I got a liver resection for my ocular melanoma metastases this rarely happens in the UK. Many thanks LAF and Lance.
    This has been a bad day – the breaking news and Lances crash. I do hope Lance is OK Hope he can make the TDF but if not he had already helped cancer sufferes before his comeback. LAF helped me get treatment from May 2007 onwards. Wishing Lance and any other cyclists injured a swift recovery.

  3. Ten years after being treated for Testicular Cancer [Choriocarsinoma] I still remember Linda with ENORMOUS affection and gratitude. My TC was WELL-advanced when finally diagnosed, bHCG was over 364,000. When the chemo drugs hit the ‘grapefruit-sized’ abdominal tunour all hell broke loose with internal bleeding. First night I bled 7-8 pints on blood, second night it was 12-13 pints. Throughout the second night Linda just stood beside me and gently rubbed my back – the simplest of human contact, yet easily the most profound. That was ten years ago [in a couple of weeks’ time] and I still remember Linda. I’ll always remember Linda! They don’t refer to nurses as ‘angels’ for nothing!!!!!!

  4. Peter Thomas says:

    When i was diagnosed in 2007 with NHL, i read Lance’s book and the story became an inspiration and motivation for me. And the nurses and consultants became the most important part of my life – i will never forget them. I still see most them fairly regularly, and like Lance and thousands of others they have etched their care and comfort on my memory for ever

    Livestrong! – Wales UK

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