Doug Visits Twitter HQ


I am heading in to San Francisco to speak at Twitter HQ so I thought I would ask my incredible colleagues “how twitter has changed their work at LIVESTRONG?”

I feel as though Twitter has fundamentally changed the way we communicate with the LIVESTRONG movement. It has made us much more transparent. And it has allowed us to develop tons of deep relationships with people who we may not have otherwise met.

Check out what the LIVESTRONG team, has to say about Twitter…



  1. Rica Mendes says:

    If it weren’t for Twitter, I wouldn’t have made an amazing group of new friends, I wouldn’t have been able to launch and run with my AMAZING With The Band fundraiser – getting me in touch with the likes of John Korioth, Liz Kreutz, Dave Wiens, Gary Fisher, Ted King, Joao Correia, Nate Weston and so many other folks who autographed LIVESTRONG wristbands for me to auction to raise money! Twitter alone helped me raise over $2,000 since February for LIVESTRONG! As a LIVESTRONG Leader, Twitter has been an INVALUABLE resource!

  2. Mike Boehmer says:

    Twitter connected my wife (@Tamilb) and I to Livestrong in a powerful way.

    It allowed us to meet Doug Ulman and make arrangements for his amazing cancer story to become the forward in from Incurable to Incredible: Cancer Survivors who Beat the Odds.

    We’re donating a portion of the proceeds to Livestrong. (The book will be out next month. See Many of the 27 people in the book are Livestrong volunteers.

    Also, we keep up to speed on Livestrong’s amazing work, as well as Doug’s busy schedule, through Twitter.

    We love Livestrong! And we love Twitter, too!

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