We have 48 hours to help LIVESTRONG raise $75,000 for the global fight against cancer. We need your help.

This week we launched I RIDE FOR LIVESTRONG, a dynamic, virtual version of the Tour of California, where I will be racing starting on Sunday. This online event allows you to create your own virtual bike, tell us who you ride for (a survivor or caregiver who has inspired you) and race through the California landscape using your story to invite more people to join us in the fight against cancer.

When we talked to our partners at RadioShack about the campaign, they raised the stakes: If we can get 10,000 people to join the ride in the next 48 hours, RadioShack will donate $75,000 to LIVESTRONG. It?s an amazing opportunity and we are thankful for their support. But we can?t get there without your help.

This year, cancer will become the #1 killer in the world. If we get 10,000 people to join the ride, the $75,000 gift will go a long way toward supporting survivors and pushing leaders around the world to dedicate more resources to the fight against cancer.

The Tour of California, the largest cycling event in America, kicks off on Sunday, and each of us at Team RadioShack will bring a personal hero along for the ride. The I RIDE FOR stickers on our bikes will bear the names of survivors and caregivers who inspire us. At even the steepest climb in the race, they?ll remind us that, in the fight against cancer, unity is strength and no one should ride alone.

But we’re just eight guys and there are millions of stories to tell. That?s why we launched I RIDE FOR LIVESTRONG, a virtual version of the Tour that allows you to create your own bike and tell your own story about who inspires you. Now, more than ever, we need to talk about the global cancer crisis?if something doesn?t change, one in two people will have to fight cancer by 2030. We have to fight back, we have to tell our stories and we have to push leaders around the world to dedicate the energy and resources necessary to see a world without cancer in our children?s lifetimes.

I RIDE FOR LIVESTRONG is a great way to build our movement and today we have a huge opportunity to generate support for the cause by raising $75,000. We need your help. Will you join the ride?

Lance Armstrong


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