New Report on Cancer and Environmental Triggers


Lots of attention today to the President?s Cancer Panel report on cancer and the environment.

The LIVESTRONG team wants to applaud the Panel?s work in this area. We hear questions related to these issues all the time: Do certain plastics cause cancer? Are pesticides used on food damaging my health? What about industrial chemicals in our environment? These are things Americans worry about. The Panel?s report calls for more aggressive research into environmental cancer triggers, shines a light on ways our government can be more pro-active in protecting our health, and describes steps we can take to shield ourselves and our families.

The President?s Cancer Panel usually has three members and until 2008, Lance was one of them. After six years of service, he felt others would want to contribute and made way for new leadership. However, no one has been appointed to fill his spot. Dr. LaSalle Leffall and Dr. Margaret Kripke remain its leaders and do a tremendous job in fulfilling the Panel?s mission: appraising our approach and progress in the fight against cancer.


  1. Tricia says:

    Perhaps you should take the open spot on the President’s Cancer panel. As you said, you hear these types of questions all of the time. Who better to help find those answers!

  2. The DNA lady says:

    While it is true about environmental risk factors, there are also genetic factors that should be considered. Having no incidence of cancer in your family plus local environmental risk factors vs. someone with a genetic predisposition to cancer plus living in an environment with environmental cancer triggers and you have an algorithm for disaster. Predictive Genetic Tests (PGT) help to inform the general consumer about their genetic lifetime risk vs. that of a similar situated population.

  3. Ann Mitchell says:

    I agree with “Tricia” – yes, Mr. Ulman, step up into the open spot on the President’s Cancer panel, and keep Livestrong in the forefront of “cancer change”.

  4. Jack Saip says:

    Why hasn’t there been a replacement?

  5. Brett says:

    It’s good to hear that this issue is finally being looked at seriously. That chemicals around us are causing health issues is logical. It has happened several times in our history (e.g. Asbestos)

  6. Noel says:

    In a simplistic way I see humans as osmotic membranes, absorbing compounds that continually affect our organic composition. Our skin may appear to physically separate us from our environment, but that is somewhat superficial because we are our environment. Bisphenol A or BPA is a major culprit in at least making us generally unwell, if not cancerous. As a superior athlete, both mentally and physically, Lance Armstrong knows how important it is to control whatever enters his body, to the best of his ability, so he has a very good idea of what affects him negatively and positively. What he does to his body with all that time on the bicycle has made him stronger than he may realize, it just hasn’t made him immune, but he has transcended cycling to the point that when I hear about cancer I think about him, then Livestrong. Here is my word association: Lance Armstrong-Aggressive-Confident-Tour de France (7)-Cancer-Yellow wrist band-Livestrong Foundation-Good parent-Cancer cure.
    Whenever people in the news are reported as being engaged in a fight with cancer, such as George Karl here in Denver, I immediately wonder if they have spoken with Lance. He doesn’t need to be on the President’s Cancer Panel to make the difference in the fight against cancer. He is already an icon of sport, of living well and living strong.
    I must mention that I have not been accosted by cancer (knock on wood), but I am convinced that the search for a cure, if one truly exists, is an imperative.

  7. Sarah says:

    Take the spot! Strong leadership creates real change.

  8. Mark B says:

    I’ve LONG suspected this, anyway, it’s ALMOST a no-brainer — “better living through chemistry”? Bull!

  9. Kari says:

    As I tweeted earlier. Doug Ulman you should be the third member if this panel.
    cancer sucks.
    LIVESTRONG rocks.

  10. Ecosutra says:

    Earth Care is People Care.

    Permaculture teaches earths theory. We can design around natural systems to enhance and create a bio diverse eco system. Permaculture creates healthy nutrient rich communities. Through soil remediation, green energy, water harvesting, to all things considered sustainable, we can teach humanity to live appropriately with the planet. Livestrong would be a great paradigm shifter, by creating the eco-village demonstrations with the livestrong community, people could migrate to the Permaculture expedition and showcase to the world their innovative installations. I would give my life up for that expedition. I could not find a better community than the livestrong community. Its a game changer for sure.

  11. simon says:

    Oh lord…the new hysteria. I’ll remind you that folks in sub-saharan Africa and Burma live in “harmony with nature.” It ain’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be.

    Dr. Michael Thun, an epidemiologist from the American cancer society, said in an online statement that the report was ?unbalanced by its implication that pollution is the major cause of cancer,? and had presented an unproven theory ? that environmentally caused cases are grossly underestimated ? as if it were a fact. (lifted from the NYT)

  12. skippy says:

    It really surprises me that Lance stood aside without a “replacement” being appointed!
    ACTION NOW ! Ulman take the post until a replacement is “Elected/Selected” that is if you do not wish to continue for an unlimited period!
    Proper guidelines to avoid a repetition of this unfortunate situation , since many decisions are deferred whilst awaiting “Consensus”!

  13. How does one become considered for this position?

    1. You have to be appointed by the president.

  14. Ladeana Walker Glenn says:

    It is unfortunate that some of us who have worked on the front lines in oncology research and patient care, who also possess a passion for research, health outcomes, and patient education are unable to be considered for this type of position due to a lack of knowing someone. The interplay of factors surrounding our environment and our health has long been a fascination of mine, as well as many others who would gladly apply for a position such as this if it were possible.

  15. Flow says:

    Coming from a 3x cervical cancer survivor I guess you can say now 4x since they didn’t get it all out. Personally, we all have cancer cells In our bodies, during our life time we add food to it, then the is the whole GMO issue, we add water to it, we add shampoo, body soap, deoderant, tooth brush, caps on our teeth when we get cavities, cook with tephlon, we use laundry detergent, dish soap, dish washer soap, cleaning agents we drink out of plastic cups or use dishes and toys won’t even go there. All of these things unless you are aware has cancer causing agents in them. If your immune system is down then your natural killer cells won’t be able to fight off the cancer cells. I wish we can all unite and tell the government we need protection agains these known cancer agents. Alot of other countries has taken steps to protect thier people ours seem to be the only one that turns their head on this issue for money purposes/corporate pursuasion. So as lance say “knowledge is power” until the government protects us better it is up to us to protect ourselves. Learn what are cancer fighting agents and don’t purchase these items. Here is one that is in alot of soaps shampoo even facial soaps, laureth sulfate, even the items at the natural food store has this so read the label. look for deorderant that has no aluminum and no chlorohydrate, my favorite rock salt. Organic foods are best but if you can’t the Japanese soaks their veggies in a little sea salt in a huge glass bowl for 15-30 min. I soak it in vinegar since my diet doesn’t allow salt. Go back to eating whole foods at first I didn’t know how to do this but I get it now I now shop organic or locally and bake all my veggies in a glass pan and add no salt organic seasoning from costco, salads, and I juice all day, I had to toally overcome the boringness of what I eat but i remember daily that I am fueling my body what it needs to keep the cancer cells from uniting and taking over. Since the doctors are not able to cure my cancer I am doing the gerson therapy for (nutrition) and paddling on the shore of Hawaii. The other thing I do is take supplements to help my immune system. I found poly mva helps me if I feel run down so does the Ip-6. At this point I am trying what ever it takes. I hope this helps with the blog. It’s mearly my thought no right or wrong just what I have Learned in the last three years of my cancer journey.

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