Pittsburgh Marathon: A Celebration of Life


Team LIVESTRONG brought the fight against cancer to the city of bridges this past weekend in the Pittsburgh marathon and half marathon. The 77 runners hit the pavement running (and walking) in the rain to support the mission and inspire and empower those affected by cancer. For each of these runners, this weekend was the culmination of all their hard work with training, but also their fundraising. This team has currently brought in over $43,000!

For Team LIVESTRONG runner, Lisa Daeffler, Sunday was a celebration of both her running and her family. Here is Lisa?s story in her own words:

lisa daeffler

My Dad was diagnosed on October 16, 2009 with esophageal cancer. He endured 27 radiation treatments and chemotherapy all in hopes of shrinking the tumor enough that they could successfully remove it. On February 24, 2010, my dad’s esophagus and 1/3 of his stomach were removed. Today, just one week and one day post-surgery, he got word from his doctors that he is “clean and clear”. While he may still have to endure “precautionary” chemotherapy, we are thrilled that we can say he is currently cancer-free.

We all understand that he is one of the lucky ones. We know that there are those people out there who don’t get to hear this kind of news and we understand what a blessing it is.

It is in honor and support of my father’s struggle to beat cancer that I decided to run the Pittsburgh Marathon. He’s done his part. He beat cancer. On May 2, 2010 I will run the marathon in his honor knowing with every step, that I am blessed to have my Dad with me and that he kicked cancer’s -ss!!!!!

For Lisa, the best part of the day was having her father there to cheer her on as she ran. Congratulations to Lisa and to all of our runners!


  1. David says:

    Great article Sarah and great job organizing everyone this last weekend! I was happy to see you blog about the race and the great story above. Was happy to share it on my social network sites for everyone to see what a great experience this was. May be booking those Austin tickets soon for the olympic tri…

  2. aarthi says:

    thanks for such an inspiring story. The fight human spirit puts up in the face of challenges always amazes me

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