Team LIVESTRONG is Wicked Fast


For most people Monday morning usually means grabbing their morning cup of joe for their daily commute into their office, but for Bostonians, Monday April 19, means Patriots? Day AKA ?Marathon Monday?. After a weekend of rain and cold weather, the clouds finally parted and the temperatures rose giving the perfect setting for the 114th Boston Marathon. As the 25,000 participants took to the start line preparing for their marathons, I remembered how impactful this group of runners has become for LIVESTRONG.

Team LIVESTRONG Boston Marathon

Team LIVESTRONG Boston Marathon

Over the past 4 months these 23 individuals have been training hard; waking up early every Saturday morning for their long runs, putting on their fundraising events, raising close to $39,000 for the fight against cancer. For each of these runners, the marathon was less was about running and more about the uniting for the cause. For Team LIVESTRONG runner Julie Westcott, the marathon was a celebration. A three-time cancer survivor, this marathon marks a year cancer-free for Julie, who ran Boston last year after starting her chemo treatments. Julie turns 35 on Wednesday. Happy Birthday Jules!

Team LIVESTRONG was also lucky to welcome its youngest member of the Boston team, Katie Crowley. Katie, a college student who is running her first marathon, is extremely important to the future of LIVESTRONG because she found marathon-ing and philanthropy at such a young age.

It has been such a pleasure working with each of the team members over this past 4 months and even more fun celebrating this weekend with them! I hope they continue to be a part of Team LIVESTRONG and build our movement in events around the country. Thank you runners!


  1. Congrats to all that ran. I dont know if I got any photos of the official livstrong team but there are individuals wearing livestrong shirts in some of my photos. Take a look and let me know (thru flickr) if you see yourself, I will email you a high res copy.


  2. Molly says:

    WAY TO GO Team LIVESTRONG Boston! Congrats to Julie, Katie and the rest of the Boston crowd. Your stories inspire us to keep going here in Chicago! You are “wicked great” examples of how to get it done with that perfect combo of optimism and intensity. Cheers from The Windy City!

  3. I’ll write about it on my blog later today, but I have to say that this was one special team. We all grouped before the race and made sure to cross the starting line together. We are all in this fight against cancer together, and the stories of “why” teammates were running were “wicked” amazing.

    It was so great to see Sarah and the rest of the LIVESTRONG crew out there at Mile 21 cheering us on after the hills of Newton and infamous “Heartbreak Hill.” It was a strong reminder that if we think marathons are tough, we should think of those facing endurance battles with their cancer.

    Thank you to everyone that donated, virutally cheered and that supports LAF!!! I am a survivor and I’m truly grateful for this organization and all of you!!!!

    Cures ROCK!,

  4. Congrats to the team. Looks like you guys had a great time and a ton of fun. Thanks for raising awareness, I really appreciate it.

  5. Shawn says:

    Every LIVESTRONG TEAM is special but this one was really special – we all took turn pushing and pulling each other along.

    I love how Julie and Erin left medicine with Sarah on Heartbreak Hill for me and foot that had no felling in it at that point.

    I agree with Paul – It is becoming my favorite day of the year !!!

  6. Matt says:

    Love the “wicked” fast. I can feel the Mass Influence! Congrats Team LIVESTRONG!

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