Cape Argus Cycle Tour Race Day


It?s hard to believe that the 2010 Argus Cycle Tour is now over and done. LIVESTRONG Founder and Chairman Lance Armstrong is now back in Europe with his South African teammate Daryl Impey preparing for their next races with Team RadioShack. But before they could get back to their ?day jobs? in professional cycling there was a big challenge ahead of them, namely making it through the 50kmh/30mph+ winds of Cape Town as they whipped around the 110km clockwise course (in fact the winds were so strong the audio on our video was simply overwhelmed, hence the ?old school? reporting).

The day started off early ? really early. Alarms were set for 430am in order to make the 615am start time. When I asked Lance if he?d ever raced at this time before, he laughed and said, ?No, actually this feels more like getting up for swim team practice in high school!? While the LIVESTRONG staff gathered with Lance, Daryl and the race organizers in a local coffee shop next to the start line, thousands of riders and fans were streaming in. Not only hoping to catch a glimpse of Lance as headed down the road, but to then line up for their own personal challenge to see what time they could set, because at the end of the day that?s the real prestige of the world?s largest timed cycling event: what can you do against the clock?



David Bellairs tells the story of how the winds last year topped over 80mph at times!

David Bellairs tells the story of how the winds last year topped over 80mph at times!

 Fans did whatever it took to get a photo of Lance

Fans did whatever it took to get a photo of Lance

As the time came for race director David Bellairs to get the boys to the line the crowd immediately pounced, surrounding Lance?s group looking for photos and autographs. ?I?ve never seen anything like this!? noted Daryl, who was quickly distanced and wisely chose to head off to a quieter area of the start line and greet some old friends. Apparently the press hadn?t got word that Lance was going to work for Daryl to get the win (really), but no worries as it gave him some time to gather himself before heading out.


Following an on-air interview with the revered ?voice of cycling? Phil Liggett ? surrounded en mass by local media ? the boys were lined up and away they went, right on time. The long and short of it was that Lance did just what he said they?d do: battled the wind, attack on the last climb, and see who was left to go for the win. As Lance brought the select group to the finish line there were just a few too many other riders left and local man Malcolm Lange took the victory with Daryl settling for third place in the sprint, Lance ninth.

But that was just the story of a few riders on the front. The real amazement is the following 35,000 riders who leave wave after wave for the next four hours. I was honored to get to ride in the lead car for the women?s pro race, my driver Meraunt giving me not only a grand tour of Cape Town, but pointing out many of the incredible sights and history of this beautiful land.




For the LIVESTRONG team, we had intended to have a yellow km section on the final climb, but again high winds nixed that plan. But once again the Argus race committee came through for us, using the banners for that section in addition to our other LIVESTRONG signage to really make the finish line a testimony to our new partnership with South Africa, as well as appropriately featuring the title sponsors.



We just can?t say thank you enough to everyone for the hospitality and genuine openness to our mission plans with our partners in this beautiful country. We?ll keep everyone updated as our anti-stigma campaign kicks off, but as our team heads back to Austin on Monday we just want to say one more heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone we met! It?s been an amazing trip and we look forward to working with you in the very near future.

Ciao for now, thanks for checking in – Chris


  1. Lancelot says:

    Great seeing you in Cape Town. Come back soon.

  2. robert cooper says:

    It was a momentous occasion to listen to Lance talk about his life on Tuesday evening at the new Cape Town stadium.
    Good luck for the Tour and we hope to see you back soon on our Cape shores.
    Regards Robert.

  3. Liza says:

    Thank you soooooo much for being here. It was a dream come true for me to see Lance ride. We need your help in SA for our cancer community. There is very little being done here.

  4. Shaheen says:

    Hi Chris, was really great meeting you in Cape Town at the expo. I introduced my friend Adiel surprisingly to you 🙂

    email me some great pics.. take care

    Shaheen Philander,
    Cape Town

  5. healzcooking says:

    Nice…great ride

  6. Marc Anderson says:

    Thanks for your positive impact on our tour. Looking forward to seeing you guys in town again soon…

  7. skippy says:

    Well i didn’t hear of a call to Livestrong to ride with Lance but i am sure the Authorities will now claim this as “the biggest Lance/Livestrong ride”!
    Not sure what happens when Lance makes it to Sydney or back to Adelaide as this is a record that was made for breaking!

  8. shawn says:

    thank you livestrong, u r doing such a great job world wide. Please keep it up. South africa supports u all the way!!!

  9. Rene says:

    Thanks for riding the Argus Lance. You could have been anywhere else riding up a storm. Cape Town was honored by your presence. You made a lot of people’s dreams come true just by flying by on your bike during the argus including mine. Will watch TEAM RADIO SHACK’s journey to the top.
    God Speed boys.

  10. Louis says:

    Keep up the fantastic work you are doing for cancer awareness and support. Your visit to SA meant so much and having Lance here in person is an incredible highlight for local cycling fans. See you at next year’s Epic!

  11. fuzz says:

    I was one of the fans outside the coffee shop hoping to get Lance
    to sign his book. He declined. I travelled from JHB to CT just to
    see my hero n I woke up really early to be at the start.
    It would not have hurt him to spend 5 seconds to sign the
    Book. He told me ‘not now’ then never bothered to sign it.
    Still think LS is great org not so sure anymore about LA

  12. it’s all been said, well done, hope you enjoyed the tour, sorry about the wind, but the south easter does’nt stop for anybody. i hope you get to come and ride agian next year. from what i hear we had the biggest turn out. i hope your foundation got some great exposure and more people are aware of what you are tring to do, great stuff. till nest year, hope to see you back and good for teh TDF 2010

  13. Thanks for coming and riding with us. I rode my slowest race ever, but I finished in time to complete my 9th tour. It was a privilege knowing such a super star was in our midst and a top 10 finish.

    I hope you show them in the Tour.

    LiveStrong! My family is a supporter.

  14. jaz says:

    great job. Keep bringing the love to everyone here on planet earth much respect 2 Livestrong!!!

  15. tim says:

    watch out boys here comes the future/ team radio shack & livestrong side by side=victory and grace

  16. Chris and if I may Lance

    You made me a proud South African with your reaction to you time in SA. I was part of the 35,000 (with Lance just later) in the Argus race. Thank you for coming here and make you presents overwhelm us. Thank you for you response that is so positive. We love you all. Go well and come back!!!!!!!

  17. Henri says:

    It was such an honour to see Lance ride at the Argus. We hope there will be a next time, and that then there will be more opportunities for his many many many fans to get a chance to see him (like my 10 and 8 year old daughters!)…

  18. Hi
    Thanks for your ongoing efforts and support in our constant fight with the big C. Thanks to Lance and the whole Livestrong team for all your hard work. Come and visit us again soon. It was a privilege and honor to say that I was in the same race as Lance Armstrong. Carlo

  19. richard ing says:

    Thank you Lance and Daryl for coming to Cape Town, competing in the Argus and for all you do to enhance the lives of others around the world. Good luck in France 2010.

  20. skippy says:

    “Fuzz” you travelled distance hoping to get an autograph, that you got so close was a “win” believe me! lance has so many demands on his time that had he obliged you at that time he may well have been swamped and had to disappoint hundreds!
    I have waited hours in a private area for his time with a “Maillot Jeune” and not been able to add to that item since donated to the “Marco Pantani Childrens Foundation”.
    You win some, you lose others and as long as you realise that this is their decision and right you win long term! Good luck in future !

  21. Marianne Engvall says:

    Hi Lance,
    awesome what you did in Cape Town!!!! You made the Argus even more fantastic than it already is, and som much for the awareness of cancer. I’m new in Cape Town, I’m a “new” cyclist (love it!), and I so much want to work with Livestrong in South Africa! Please, let me know how I can do that. Thanks again, and now I can tell all my friends in Europe, I raced with Lance Armstrong :-), Marianne

  22. Lance Goldblatt says:

    Great to have you in Cape Town, please return. Next time come around again and join the lemmings for some fun! Beware, the Argus Tour is addictive, just completed my 25th – took me twice as long as you but look forward to the day you join Club 21! Livestrong and Rotary bring so much good to so many – keep it up and good luck with Team Radioshack!

  23. Thank you Lance and Daryl for coming to Cape Town,Come and visit us again soon

  24. Thank you Lance and Dary.It was a privilege and honor to say that I was in the same race

  25. Nigel Flightmedx says:

    I ride in LIVESTRONG colours after my wife had colon cancer 3 years ago. I’m heading down to Cape Town in March for the 2012 Cape Argus from Malawi with 3 or 4 other riders. Is there any other LIVESTRONG riders entering this year and will there be any LIVESTRONG presents there??


  26. Thanks for your positive things. Looking forward to seeing you guys in our country as well.

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