Send the Tobacco Treaty to the Senate for Ratification


We need your help.

LIVESTRONG Action has entered Ideas for Change in America competition, asking the Obama administration to send the Tobacco Treaty to the Senate for ratification. Ratifying this global treaty means that the U.S. joins 168 other countries that have committed to reducing tobacco use?a major driver of the deepening cancer crisis around the world.

In the last round of voting, the LIVESTRONG community pulled together to propel our idea to the top. But, as the final deadline approaches, we?re currently ranked 13 and need to get to number 10 so that our idea is presented to representatives of the media, nonprofit organizations and relevant officials in the Obama administration.

Will you help us get 5,000 votes in the next four days by voting and asking your friends and family to do the same

TO VOTE (it only takes a minute):
1. Click the link above.
2. On our Idea page, click the big blue ?VOTE NOW? button.
3. Enter your information.
4. Click on the link in the confirmation email to verify your vote.

Ideas for Change In America is a nationwide campaign that encourages people and organizations to submit innovative ideas for solving our country?s most pressing problems. With your help, we can make global tobacco control a priority and urge the administration to send it to the Senate for ratification:

If the Senate ratifies the Treaty, the US will join 168 committed countries in sending a powerful message to the tobacco industry: voting and asking your friends and family to do the same. We will not stand by and watch as lung cancer statistics rise around the world. 40% of cancer is preventable, and tobacco control is one of the first and simplest steps we can take to reduce diagnoses and make cancer a national priority.

Doug Ulman and the LIVESTRONG Action Team


  1. Ken says:

    This is a good thing and needs to be ratified. Thanks for posting!


  2. Scott Joy says:

    Currently in third place with about eight hours to go… Still time to vote!

  3. sebastien says:

    I’m french and we are the same problem in France. the government does not take sufficient concrete action to fight against this scourge. A proposal to your senate is a good idea.

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