Announcing LIVESTRONG Quarterly Magazine


We?re excited to announce the inaugural issue of LIVESTRONG Quarterly, a new print, online and print-on-demand magazine. With the Quarterly, you can look forward to compelling profiles of advocates, survivors and supporters in the fight against cancer; articles about health, fitness and wellness; and resources and information about preventing, treating, and raising awareness.

In the first issue, you?ll read about Kris Carr?s ?Crazy Sexy Cancer? wellness movement, you?ll hear from swimming champ Eric Shanteau on how he overcame a cancer diagnosis just as he was about to realize his dream of reaching the Beijing Olympics and you?ll read about key issues that impact survivors in personal and powerful ways, like post-cancer fertility and new, targeted hybrid drugs. And Mario Lemieux and Robin Williams even make cameo appearances about healing and recovery. Register to read the first issue online?it?s free!


  1. Jessica Owens says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to receive a copy of the first Livestrong Quarterly in my mail at college! I loved the personal stories, artwork, and discussion of issues such as fertility after treatment. The magazine offers a lot of variety so it can appeal to athletes, survivors, caregivers, and health care professionals alike. Nice work!

  2. Marty Hoeger says:

    Great job to all who work on this magazine. So refeshing to read somthing for the good. The passion of the foundation pours out of the pages. I will share my copy with many. Keep up the good work LAF staff.

  3. Robin Schembri says:

    Great Magazine…found it in my dr’s office. While waiting, I was able to find great positive articles that kept my mind clear and interested…rather than dwell on “other” things!! THANK YOU…I’ll be looking for the next issue!

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