Radio Shack Partners with LIVESTRONG in Haitian Relief Efforts


News about the crisis in Haiti continues to be top of mind for many of us. One staggering report estimates that it will take $35 million to rebuild the medical clinics and hospitals in Haiti.

Earlier this week, I announced that LIVESTRONG pledged $250k to Partners-in-Health and Doctors Without Borders. Today, I am proud to announce that my team sponsor, RadioShack, is joining LIVESTRONG in its Haitian relief effort.

RadioShack customers in the United States can make a $1 donation to LIVESTRONG, earmarked for Haiti, each time they visit their local store during the next month. For people in Australia and other countries who would like to help, you can visit our blog to learn how to make a donation to Partners in Health and Doctors without Borders.

To donate directly to these organizations and to learn more about their missions please visit their websites:

Please remember the best way you can help Haiti in its recovery is to donate money


  1. Gary, DUBLIN says:

    We revisit this blog, and very worthwhile discussion concerning a seeming ?mission creep? to add a little context:
    The present devastation after the earthquake in Haiti is unprecedented in modern western civilisation, effectively LiveSTRONG?s response ? albeit a spark in monetary terms ? has ignited a flaming path to the boardrooms of corporate America, if not to our doors, and demonstrating clearly how imperative it is we defend the very existence of this friendly nation and its people.
    With the resources of RadioShack (market cap. $2.6B), and voices like friend-of-the-foundation Sanjay Gupta M.D, behind Lance?s call; we must not see this as one man?s battle against fate and act in tandem to do what we can to help survivors, wherever they may be.
    Put your doubts aside, for instance as from representations made personally by Lance at the first-ever LiveSTRONG Global Cancer Summit in Dublin; yesterday, the Irish Minister for Health reversed her decision to retrench care and announced the immediate commencement of a national cervical cancer immunisation programme along with additional funding for preparatory work to roll-out a colorectal cancer screening programme.
    Lance leads the way in the fight vs. Cancer, and having met him myself, perhaps like anyone who heads a nation or corporate organisation, you?re left saying: ?I can do what he wants me to do; I am forced to see and acknowledge that: LIVESTRONG.?

  2. different gary from ireland says:

    good and true point above about the cervical cancer immunisation from gary. have to draw attention and put pressure on governments keep it up livestrong

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