LIVESTRONG Pledges $250,000 to Haitian Relief Efforts


On behalf of LIVESTRONG, I?d like to take a moment to extend our condolences to the people of Haiti. This nation has just suffered a devastating earthquake. It has already endured far too much tragedy and needs our help now more than ever.

LIVESTRONG is pledging $250,000 in humanitarian aid to Partners in Health, led by Paul Farmer, and Doctors Without Borders.

Both of these groups have a strong presence in the region and have the ability to make an immediate difference in the rescue and recovery efforts that are already under way.

If you?d also like to support these organizations, please go to their websites:


  1. Cindy Graf says:

    That’s why I love this organization! Rock On and LIVESTRONG Lance

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you! The devastation is just mind boggling. They have suffered so much already. Thanks for such a generous donation.

  3. Cassandra says:

    Outstanding leadership from LiveStrong. They set a great example on so many fronts.

  4. Michael says:

    Well Done! I have posted this on my Twitter account with links to PIG and DWB to help spread the word to help both of these great organizaitons.

    Good luck with the Tour Down Under Lance!

  5. Matías says:

    you like a public figure please continue to encourage people to help. Haiti people will be greatful with this things. Thanks for all. You rock lance!!

  6. Peter Han says:

    Great thought, Lance, even as your own year begins. My wife and I just donated to PIH. Thank you for your leadership!

  7. Tonia says:

    Lance should be the one to give the money for relief efforts NOT that of his Livestrong organization. That money NEEDS to go towards that of CANCER causes. Lance has PLENTY of money to give to this effort and needs to do such! All of us who gave to Livestrong through the years should feel just a little cheated, as I was really hoping my contributions would solely support that of CANCER research. The money DOES need to go to Haitian relief, however, and again, LANCE should be giving this money himself. He does this through his organization so that it will be used as a rather large tax deduction..very business-like. I am glad the money is going there, I just think it needs to be coming from a different place. GOD BLESS THE SOULS OF HAITI..and GOD BLESS THOSE AFFECTED BY CANCER! GOD BLESS you the readers.

  8. Gary, DUBLIN says:

    Any support for the Haitian plight is truly commendable, even if poverty, dictatorships & natural catastrophes have ravaged Haiti endlessly up to now without effective global attention. It is a Caribbean island nation that lies in the same sea as the billionaire?s playground of St. Barth?s where all our (western) movers & shakers turn a blind eye to the privation in their midst.
    LiveSTRONG must concentrate the rays of global consideration like a lens towards one point, which is the fight vs. Cancer.
    Otherwise, the ?cause? becomes one of broad-spectrum interventionism favoring, fully understandable, personal reactions to each disaster visited upon the world. Giving according to one?s ?own? means must not be mixed up with drawing off $250,000 and pledging donations to an entirely different course and purpose; however sincere the motivation, LiveSTRONG cannot meet each problem as it arises.

  9. Dutch says:

    My greatest admiration for Lance has always been because of Lance’s sports-prestation, although ofcourse I also admire his incredible work for the livestrong organisation. But today Lance and his Livestrong have gone far beyond what any sportsman, or charity-organisation could possibly do. Donating $250,000.00 to Haiti for helping out those in need after the earthquake has really touched me.

    I felt really touched and can only say: You are not only a hero because of your TDF, of helping out people with cancer all over the world, but today we have seen that your heart is bigger than any could ever imagine. You’re a great man, Lance

  10. Tim says:

    First class Livestrong! Keep it up…

  11. Tom says:

    I think that this donation risks taking the Lance Armstrong Foundation away from its core mission. If in fact the mission of the LAF is to inspire and empower people affected by cancer, I don’t feel that this fits with that mission, and risks alienating those who give to the LAF in the hopes of supporting the fight against cancer around the world. I say this as someone who has donated to both the LAF and to the relief efforts in Haiti via other organizations. I think the LAF would be better served tapping into its considerable support base and connecting them with organizations directly involved in the Haiti relief efforts.

  12. thank you! I am unemployed and cannot do anything unfortunately, so I am thankful for organizations that can .

  13. Pooz says:

    Nice! Just had a feeling we could count on you Lance!

  14. different gary from ireland says:

    fully support you Lance your very popular in Ireland.
    thank you for your kindness and livestrongs.

    very kind and fast action from you to those in need

    all the best Lance

  15. Thank you for posting your comments regarding the foundation’s pledge to support the people affected by the Haiti’s earthquakes,

    Haiti?s already weak healthcare infrastructure has taken another blow in the wake of this natural disaster. One staggering statistic estimates that it will take $35 million to rebuild the hospitals and medical clinics in Haiti. Our pledge is to two successful and reputable public health organizations with a long history of delivering high-quality care in this resource-poor region, specifically to those with complex chronic diseases, including cancer. We are confident that the work being done by Partners-in-Health and Doctors Without Borders will benefit cancer survivors.

  16. mike - tx says:

    that’s great that LAF is supporting the cause but i feel like the efforts of fundraisers’ donations should be used for cancer, not Haiti. While i’m a supporter of donating to help those survivors in Haiti (i already donated), people donate to LAF for cancer research and advocacy, not for a foreign country’s aid. See also Red Cross and United Way…

  17. Michelle says:

    If Livestrong starts to do this with public money, they’d better start rethinking their core mission. If they want to continue doing what they did here, they’d better donate to other countries as well, why limit it to Haiti? And why limit it to earthquakes, why not any natural disasters? Why not terrorist attack victims, floods,wildfires, tsunamis? Unfortunately, I don’t think such a decision will come without strong disapproval from the public. The big question here is why didn’t Armstrong put down something towards relief efforts from his own pocket like other celebrities have done or can that not be questioned? Not sure if you did the right thing Livestrong.

  18. Ben Martin says:

    Lance, I must agree that LIVEStrong dollars should not be used for disaster relief. I donate each year both to LIVEStrong and the Red Cross. I also worry that the StillerStrong stuff clouds the mission statement of LIVEStrong, too. People trust the LAF to spend its money responsibly. There are many worthy causes out there, and each has its own responsibilities.

  19. Carla says:

    I am sure there are many people living with and fighting cancer at the present time in Haiti. People with chronic diseases have weakened immune systems and are at great risk during such difficult times. They are in need of hospitals and doctors now – they may not live to see the benefits of research. I think this donation is perfectly acceptable and in line with Livestrong’s objective.

  20. Gary, DUBLIN says:

    Please know that we agree with Lance, certainly, he is worthy to lead. Bravo Brooke et al.

  21. Allison says:

    I agree with what Tonia and Mike have posted already. I am upset that LiveStrong has used money that I donated to them in the support of Cancer Surviorship and given it to another cause. I agree that it is a worthy cause – but it should be my decision as to where my donations go to. I tried to find anything in the literature that documents that donations may be used for other things but the only thing I could find is that the donation is “unrestricted”. I will probably continue to contribute to LiveStrong because I believe so deeply in what they are doing – but I will think twice about it.

  22. atibon nazaire says:

    On behalf of haiti and the cyclists of Haiti, I thank you.

  23. Mat says:

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for this much needed contribution! It couldn’t have gone to a better organization. PIH LOVES and has done so much for Haiti as a whole. We all deeply thank you. This is just awesome. I have faith that everything will come together for Haiti now even better than before because of people like you all.

  24. Mat says:

    Great things, in Jesus name, will happen for the LAF as a result of such generosity because your organization has given to these institutes in their desperate time of need. Everyone will know that you were there for healthcare in Haiti in the midst of your own fight against cancer. You never know who sees this and will in turn be delighted to contribute to Livestrong in the same manner. This is a tremendous act of great character, humanitarianism, and integrity. Continue to live strong in spite of.

  25. SAF says:

    Clearly Haiti is in desperate need. As is the case with so many crises, the people of the United States will respond with tremendous generosity. It is already happening.

    However, a quick read of the mission statement of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (from Charity Navigator) makes this donation troubling.

    The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) inspires and empowers people affected by cancer. We help people with cancer focus on living; we believe that unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. From the moment of diagnosis, the LAF provides the practical information and tools people with cancer need to live life on their own terms. The LAF serves its mission through advocacy, public health and research.

    Brooke McMillan of LAF, in a post, attempts to connect this donation with ultimately helping Haitian cancer survivors. Yet it seems like a stretch to suggest that somehow this donation will filter down to help cancer survivors in the near-term or even long-term. The need in Haiti appears to be for emergency care not managing those with chronic health conditions. It sounds like a justification for an emotional decision, albeit noble, that does not fit the mission of the organization.

    When foundations start to stretch beyond their mission, there is a credibility issue. People donate to foundations when there is a clarity of mission and action. This donation just does not seem very clear or ultimately justifiable.

  26. Haiti is in need, and we should all chip in to help meet that need. I’ve contributed to Doctors Without Borders, and would urge others to do the same.

    But I made that choice about my own money. In contrast, Lance made that choice (and got the goodwill from) with other people’s money. Other people’s money that had been contributed to Livestrong with the understanding that it would go toward the fight against cancer. I’ve never been much of an Armstrong fan, but I’ve always had enormous respect for what Livestrong has accomplished. Looks like he’s set to wreck that, too.

    Here’s a clue, Lance – it’s not about you.

  27. Carol Howe says:

    I am really shocked at the negative comments about Livestrong sending money to the Haiti disaster. The money is going to Partners in Health and Doctors Without Borders. Do you seriously think that the Earthquake didn’t affect any Cancer patients? – where will the Haitian cancer patients receive medical attention and medication they need without hospitals and clinics. I see this donation as step toward the Global War on Cancer that Livestrong has made a commitment to. Livestrong is a Classy organization. Thank you for making wise choices in the fight against cancer.

  28. Susie Johnson says:

    I am really disappointed in Livestrong for sending funding to Haiti. Livestrong is a non-profit organization which has a charter/mission related to cancer, it should not be sending funding to disaster areas. I know they helped the cancer patients during Katrina but that was different because it went directly to cancer patients. I believe we should all send whatever we can afford to help the Haitans but it is not proper (possibly not even legal) to use funds donated to a charity for one purpose for a totally different purpose.

  29. Teresa says:

    I echo what Allison, SAF, and Mark have stated. The Foundation solicits donations for cancer research. Monies should not allocated for other uses regardless of how worthy they may be.
    Allison, you stated that you will continue to give to the LIVESTRONG Foundation, I however encourage you to consider the American Cancer Society.

  30. meganshuang says:

    please contribute to the relief effort in Haiti

    go visit this site..

    check this video:

  31. Tamir says:

    I just decided to give for Haiti’s orphans. I suggest that more people donate to those affected by this terrible disaster as well.

  32. The damage of life and property in Haiti is very devastating.To rescue them we should expand our hand.
    Your group has done so much humanatorian work in Haiti.
    May God bless you.

  33. Lorenaiw124 says:

    While this matter can be very difficult for most people, my belief is that there has to be a middle or common ground that we all can find. I do value that you?ve added pertinent and sound commentary here though. Thank you!

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