LIVESTRONG’s Best Online Memories of 2009


It’s been an unreal year at LIVESTRONG. Below are a some of the best online memories for 2009. We appreciate our online community so much. Thank you for making 2009 unforgettable.

This year, we opened our new world headquarters in Austin, Texas-an environmentally friendly building and great space for us to work and provide direct services to people affected by cancer.

Team Photo2_First Day__12R1527_4x6

Lance returned to cycling with a renewed sense of purpose– to make cancer a global priority.

Some amazing artists made him some sweet rides:


He took a little spill in Spain, but got back up again stronger than ever.

And he reminded us why we work as hard as we do:

We delved into the world of social media head first, made some amazing new friends and received donations using this new medium for the first time:

Doug’s $25,000 Twitter Challenge, Mashable’s Summer of Social Good and the Drew Olanoff and Drew Carey MILLION Dollar Challenge are just a few examples.

We took our mission to the whole world-dedicated to make cancer a global priority:

Hosted the first ever LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit where 500 people from 65 countries came to connect with other advocates, network, gain media exposure and access tools and resources to help them mobilize in their own communities.



The fight to reform health care in the United States was a huge part of 2009. Over 70,000 of you signed a petition stating that you believe no American should be denied health insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions or should lose their insurance due to changes in health or employment. Our President and CEO, Doug Ulman went to Capitol Hill and presented the signatures to Congress.

Over 1,100 events took place on LIVESTRONG Day. All 50 states were represented and more than 250 events worldwide. Events took place on every continent:

Antarctic Livestrong Day 2009

lsday rowaca5

Livestrong Yard Sign

You picked a fight with cancer at the LIVESTRONG Challenge series raising a record 10.2 million to support those affected by cancer.

The Team LIVESTRONG marathon and triathlon series were in full force:

nyc2009 197

It’s been an unbelievable year. We so appreciate our online community- on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr YouTube and our LIVESTRONG Blog. You are an amazing group of folks. You support each other, give us feedback, help to build a strong community and create change. Wishing you all a fantastic 2010!


  1. Scott Joy says:

    Just wait for 2010. It only gets better!

  2. Wow. What a 2009 year!!! So many great memories, and I’m so happy to be involved with LAF. Bring on the 2010 adventures!! We’re all with you!!!

  3. Hilja says:

    Thanks to you too, without this iniciative this wouldn’t have been possible.
    HAPPY 2010!!!!!

  4. Jon Binsted says:

    If you thought 2009 was good…2010 will blow it out of the water! GAME ON CANCER!

  5. Douglas Jacobson says:

    Great work, and thanks for helping so many people. It truly won’t be a great year until a cure is found. Too many people are diagnosed every day and are lost far too soon.

  6. Scott Joy says:

    So many great LIVESTRONG moments in 2009, but if I have to pick one favorite, I think it was seeing Cindi Hart’s expression when receiving her survivor’s rose at the LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin 5K walk.

  7. Dom Parillo says:

    My best memory of 09 was meeting Lance at a book signing. As a survivor it was great to feel the positive energy in that room!

  8. Ed says:

    tdf 2009

  9. Tim says:

    My best online memory for 2009 was when I read my wife’s Facebook post:
    Lynn 3, Cancer 0.

  10. Patti says:

    My best Livestrong memory…seeing Lance ride through the Marcy Diner stop on the Pelotonia ride in Cols Ohio–the moment I saw him I burst into tears! Hope to repeat the exercise in Paris next year.

  11. My favorite moment of 2009 was being passed by Lance and crew during the LSC bike ride. I was half way through my 45, he was cruising on his century! But then crossing the start/finish line of my first ever LSC was just incredible! We’re back in 2010 – with a vengeance! GAME ON!

  12. richardwey says:

    Thanks for the greatest year ever. Prostate cancer and all of the complications are behind me now.
    Best wishes Lance for 2010. Livestrong rules the world.

  13. Joe Schneider says:

    clearly I am biased, my I feel so honored to have been accepted to the Global Summit..then on top of it being asked to speak and introduce Lance. Sharing my story tops my list. Of course, we have a lot of work to do and I am looking forward to 2010!

  14. David Simcoe says:

    Setting my LIVESTRONG fundraising goal for 250.00 then raising over 1000.00 for the cause. Then, riding in my first LIVESTRONG Challenge which was also my first time riding in the “Hill Country”. Perfect weather for the ride and the most fun ever on my bike.

  15. Carolyn Campeau says:

    Two firsts at the Livestrong Challenge Austin – my first 5K and my husband’s first 90 mile ride. The energy of the weekend was incredible – we’ll be back in 2010.

  16. Sharon Kenny says:

    My best on-line memory would have to be signing the ‘World Declaration Book’ during the Global Cancer Summit. By commemorating the loss of my father to cancer, it made me feel that his death could have some purpose in the fight against this disease. Paying it forward to other family members and friends also gave us a unique opportunity to share, be connected and surprisingly heal and have some peace in our loss. Who knew that being part of this wonderful community would be so profound!

  17. Blair says:

    when we helped @fatcyclist raise over $100k for @livestrong and @powerofbicycles, and then we got to watch him go for a bike ride. seeing that incredible, unerasable smile as he begged to be left to suffer on mt. lemmon. you’re our voodoo doll of vicarious, joyous, altruistic pain, fatty. and we all hope it took even a molecule of the edge off of what has been a painful year for you. you remind us of the struggle and resurrection we all have faced or will face one day.

  18. skippy says:

    best wishes to livestrong for 2010.

    been retweeting @DrewFromTV since nov09 & disappointed the $US1m is not already in the bank.

    come visit join the project, meet the people, help beat cancer, help @wwpinc & @help4heroes and enjoy the Tour and Giro.

    motivate more to volunteer to beat cancer in their own way!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL SAFE ROAD USERS,the rest reeducate yourself.
    “there by the grace of god” is not the answer to careless or thoughtless behaviour!

  19. Celia Adams says:

    Saw you at a booksigning in Tucson, AZ. Reinspired, I have focused my riding and fundraising this year for LiveSTRONG. I will train with CTS to ride the LiveSTRONG challenge in Durango. Let’s beat this thing!

  20. Jamie Grant says:

    The best memory for myself was riding with
    Lance Eddy Merckx Steve Bauer and Phil ,
    in Waterloo
    Canada. We raised 1.6 million that day
    Lance and the other riders we amazing and the positive spirit that
    day I will remember for a life time.
    Thankyou very much

  21. Esther, ARNP says:

    My best memory was riding in Austin/Livestrong to raise awareness for cancer research. It was a personal accomplishment to ride 65 miles and inspiring to see some many supporting Livestrong. I daily come in contact with patients of mine or others that are either diagnosed with cancer or surviving it. I live to ride everyday for those I care for and those that inspire me.

  22. don says:

    Thanks for your posting
    YEs, it has been a remarkable year in cancer awareness and research. We continue to make strides!
    and social media helps.

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