What Does a Board of Directors Do?


An important part of any non-profit organization is participation from its board of directors, but what exactly is a board and what do they do? I asked a few members of our board why they got involved with LIVESTRONG and what their role is in our organization. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful and active members. Thanks to you all!

Dennis Cavner:

Lee Walker:

Jeff Garvey:


  1. The Board of Directors is a critical team that can make or break any non-profit organization. Around the world we see and hear so much about Lance – his relentless leadership in the fight against this insidious disease and the excellent work of his Foundation. As a survivor and now full-time volunteer advocate it is so heartening to hear that the LAF Board comprises such competent individuals, affected by cancer, who teamed up with Lance for all the “right” reasons. Bravo Leaders, LIVESTRONG and thank you for openly sharing your stories.

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