More LIVESTRONG Nike Golf Bags Up For Auction


This summer, our friends at Nike helped celebrate Lance?s return to professional cycling and the global fight against cancer by creating special one-of-a-kind LIVESTRONG golf bags. You may remember that we posted 10 bags for auction this October and had a huge response. We have 10 more signed limited edition Nike LIVESTRONG golf bags up for auction today! Below is information about the auction and the list of signed bags.


Listing dates – Nov 24th ? Dec 1st
Starting bid = $500

Bags listed for auction
Lucas Glover
Amanda Blumenherst
Anthony Kim
Ashleigh Simon
Kenny Lofton
Paige Mackenzie
Stephen Ames
Stewart Cink
David Duval

Listing dates ? Nov 24th ? Dec 1st
Starting bid = $500


  1. Jamie Lindsay says:

    I was a winning bidder on a bag the last time a few were offered. This IS a limited supply Pro-Tour bags made for Nike athletes to use. The bags are first quality pieces, each signed by the athlete who used them in a tournament and they look amazing in person!
    Some of the golfers who used/signed these bags are Major Champions and or have played on a USA Ryder Cup Team or are rising stars.
    The LiveSTRONG message is clear! I made the choice to use my bag, and the comments I receive on the course about the bag and the stories which have been shared about the impact cancer has had on the lives of strangers are incredible.
    Because of the huge response my LiveSTRONG bag has received, I plan to bid on another and then use it as a part of a fund raiser in the Spring to benefit the LAF. Believe me, if you can get a local pro shop to display the bag and sell “chances” to win the bag, you will take another huge step in the fight to end cancer and help survivors!
    All of your bid goes to the LAF and you get an amazing bag in exchange. I can’t encourage you enough to bid on all the bags (except the one I want!)

  2. Michael says:

    I wish I had known about these bags before today!!! Day late and a dollar shoet. Boy, could I use those to raise some money in FL!!!!!!

  3. Golfakademie says:

    They were really attractive bags nice architectural work behind this bags nice design to see.

  4. Golf Reviews says:

    I went to high school with that guy AK

  5. GolfHack says:

    Anyone know where I can get one of these?

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