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We salute you, Team LIVESTRONG! Almost $850k raised and over 6500 total miles run in the NYC Marathon yesterday. It was the 40th year for this run from Staten Island to Central Park. We are so thankful to New York Road Runners for having us as a charity for this race and so thankful to the runners who take up the task of completing the mileage and the fundraising.

Can?t wait to take on NYC 2010!

Here are just a few pictures from Mile 18 where we hung out to cheer on runners! And then one of the staff that helped with NYC from LIVESTRONG!

nyc2009 197

nyc2009 096

nyc2009 078

nyc2009 377


  1. Meg McCarrick says:

    It was so great seeing the other Team Livestrong members on the course yesterday. At around mile 23 I was really hurting and one of my team members
    tapped me on the shoulder and said let’s go, I really needed that boost. What a great day and amazing feeling crossing that finish line knowing all that Team Livestrong accomplished. Way to go Team Livestrong can’t wait to run another one for this great organization.


  2. Geoff Butler says:

    Thanks to Colleen and the rest of the LAF staff who organized everything for Team LiveSTRONG NYC. I had a great time and I am honored to have participated.

  3. Kieran Hackett says:

    Second that–thanks to Colleen for amazing producing skills and to Allison for being the team captain. It was a great way to run and am looking forward to doing it again!!


  4. Third that! – thanks all for a great experience. Here’s a set of pics of some Team Livestrong Runners:

    – Erik

  5. Mary Little says:

    Thank you to all of you at LIVEstrong for organizing such a great event. Training for and running my first marathon was a incredible journey, one I will cherish for a very long time. During the marathon, I ran up behind another woman on the LIVEstrong team, whose shirt said “5 year Breast Cancer Survivor” on the back. We exchanged a few encouraging words and parted ways. But her image stuck with me. She gave me a lot of hope for all those people out there fighting this terrible disease and she really made me realize the strength of the Lance Armstrong Foundation–how it truly inspires those with cancer to LIVE strong. I will continue to support this organization in whatever way I can and have encouraged all those who supported me this time to think of LAF in the future.

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