The Comeback 2.0


New book from photographer Liz Kreutz is now available for pre-order at Radio Shack. The book is the first photo-journal of Lance’s return to professional cycling and goal to take the LIVESTRONG message worldwide. Radio Shack will donate $10 from each purchase to the foundation. Pre-order your copy today!

Purchase Liz Kreutz's Book Exclusively at Radio Shack

Purchase Liz Kreutz's Book Exclusively at Radio Shack


  1. John says:

    You’re AWESOME Lance!

  2. tom says:

    just ordered…can’t wait!

  3. Craig Schroeder says:

    Thanks Lance for your dedication to fight cancer, you inspire me to livestrong, every day! God Bless.

  4. Hasnain Kara says:

    How do we Canucks order this version?

  5. Marc says:

    I am living in Paris and I want to know if I can order it? Lance, we are eager to see you again on the Tour…with Liz as photographer!

  6. Chistina says:

    I can’t wait to get my copy. Thanks, Lance for all you do. You are an inspiration in our lives.

  7. Christell Scheepers says:

    Would have liked to order the book….unfortunate that they are not currently shipped out internationally!

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