Order LIVESTRONG Cards from Shutterfly


Shutterfly inspires you to do more with your pictures and experiences to stay connected with others. LIVESTRONG has partnered with Shutterfly to design holiday, thank you and corporate cards. LIVESTRONG will receive 10 percent of each card purchased to help fund our cause. Purchasing the exclusively designed cards are a great way to join the fight against cancer and support LIVESTRONG. Consider purchasing these cards for the holidays, thank yous and beyond.

Below are are just a few examples:






  1. Pmpittman1 says:

    Love love love these, but can’t order them…is there a secret to finding them?
    Cannot order on shutterfly website.

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      These were available last year and in 2009, but we do not have them available this year. We hope to launch special “print on demand” products soon. Stay tuned. http://www.store-laf.org.

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