LIVESTRONG and Childhood Cancer Awareness


September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with the objective to spotlight childhood cancer and survivorship issues related to childhood cancer nationally. Approximately 12,400 Americans under the age of 20 will be diagnosed this year and although survival rates have increased steadily since the 1970’s, the aftereffects of treatment continue to be a major hurdle to overcome. LIVESTRONG has funded programs and created information specific to children affected by cancer. Below are just a few examples:

Living with Cancer: Advocating for Your Child’s Educational Needs:
For children with cancer and their parents, returning to school builds hope for the future. Attending school is a big part of feeling normal and productive. Yet, going back to school also brings new challenges to families whose main focus has been getting through treatment. LIVESTRONG and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, through a national partnership, have created resources addressing the educational needs of children and adolescents with cancer.

Thanks to a LIVESTRONG 3-Year Evolution Community Grant, SuperSibs! expanded their Sibling STAR Program (Support Training Awareness and Recognition) to develop and provide bi-lingual (Spanish/English) sibling-survivorship program materials and coaching to 170 pediatric oncology hospitals and 15 national cancer organizations where sibling support resources are limited or non-existent. Now, halfway through this program, SuperSibs! support has grown from serving 7,500 siblings and their families, to now over 17,500, including a 1% increase in Hispanic/Latino sibling referrals and families in the program. This effort is closing the glaring survivorship support gap for this underserved, at-risk sibling community ? to help siblings heal. As a globally recognized nonprofit oncology support organization, SuperSibs! works with professionals, families and the siblings — children and teens ? to ultimately redefine the “cancer sibling” survivorship experience, so they may face the future with strength, courage and hope. SuperSibs! services are free of charge. For ongoing updated online support tools and materials, visit and click on the FOR YOU and the SIB SPOT links? or call SuperSibs! at 866-444-SIBS (7427).

Emilio Nares Foundation:
The mission of the Emilio Nares Foundation is to secure the best possible treatment and highest quality of life for children and underserved minorities affected by cancer. ENF provides financial, emotional and logistical support to patients and their families to improve their access to cancer care systems and hospitals within the community. The program will provide transportation services to families whose children are receiving treatment for cancer at the Children’s Hospital of San Diego. ENF plans to expand this service to other hospital units serving cancer patients, including cardiology, rehabilitation and speech and hearing.

LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center at Dell Children’s Hospital
We have learned that many pediatric cancer survivors are at risk for physical and psychological issues related to cancer and its therapy. The radiation, chemotherapy and surgery used to successfully treat childhood cancers may lead to what are called, ?late effects.? These late effects may include emotional problems, second cancers, infertility, learning disabilities and more. The LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center at Dell Children’s address these issues on site daily.

Wonders & Worries:
Founded by child life specialists Meredith Cooper and Melissa Hicks, Wonders & Worries, Inc. provides Austin-area children an outlet to learn and express their feelings about cancer. Young people can be deeply affected when a parent has been diagnosed with cancer, showing changes in behavior, mood, and academic performance. Wonders & Worries provides them comfort and support in learning how to manage the impacts of their parent’s illness. Participants attend a six-week program that includes formalized support groups, individual counseling and recreational group activities so that they can learn to cope with their parent’s illness and openly communicate with loved ones about their feelings.

LIVESTRONG created special lessons for the classroom to address the questions your students have about cancer called LIVESTRONG at School. The lessons form a curriculum that allows students to discuss cancer in a way that is age-appropriate, hopeful, inspiring and empowering. They also provide suggestions for ways students can get involved in their own community.

LIVESTRONG SurvivorCare program:
We provide free, confidential, one-on-one support to anyone affected by cancer including the parents and loved ones of children affected by cancer. Services include emotional support, clinical trial matching, assistance with access to care, medical debt concerns and job discrimination. Services are available in English and Spanish.

Young Adult Alliance Resource Page:
The LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance Resource Page is intended to be a central source of AYA-related cancer information and services available on the Internet. The Resource Page is designed to make it easy for cancer survivors, families, and even health care professionals to locate accurate AYA-related cancer information.


  1. Lisa Molina says:

    Thank you LAF and Brooke for recognizing these truly heroic kids! You were there for us when my son Thomas relpased in November 07 and I know you are with us now as we face yet another relapse – My 13 year old son, Thomas, has been Living Strong since he was 3 years old – He’s my hero –
    Lisa Molina
    Austin, TX

  2. kathi clarke says:

    Thank you so much for recognizing Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and for ALL of your efforts for the cause…..
    Kathi Clarke

  3. Brenda says:

    Thank you for recognizing September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! With awareness will come money for research and we hope, a cure for childhood cancers. Many of the kids that I know have dedication pages on the LAF website. Childhood cancer only gets 3% of the research money…. Please help!

  4. Dash W says:

    Thank you for bringing awareness to all about childhood cancer – from a parent who is watching her 6 year old daughter fight cancer for the second time.

  5. Debbie Evans says:

    Thank you for recognizing this as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month….I so appreciate you giving this support for children who never lose their smiles and never even know that they are truly “living strong”. They are amazing and I thank you for letting so many know. You are doing great work!
    maddie’s mom

  6. Deborah Mahaffy says:

    Well the last time I wrote on this site – my Dad was battling bowel cancer – and he was given the ok last year it had gone – this year he finds out he has Non-Hodgkin;s Lymphoma Grade 3 – not a good prognosis for an 83 year old man – but yesterday ( in Brisbane Australia) after 6 chemp sessions every 2 weeks he has been given the nod ” CANCER FREE” – I cried with relief – on several fronts as I was fired because I opted not to work back till 10pm one night – ( my usual finish time was 5pm) without pay – it was the day was having his last chemo session and was feeling very very ill – I wanted to be home with him – instead of work – and my boss said ” well I don’t care about your family – so this isn’t going to work out – I think you should leave !!” that was it for me I left – only problem is I don’t have a job even after 5 weeks BUT I have my Dad still with me – so that’s the main thing
    So Lance how about opening up an office in Brisbane Queensland Australia so I can come and work for you and spread the word LIVESTRONG !!!

  7. AJs Dad says:

    Thank you Livestrong and the LAF for recognizing childhood cancer this month!

    Remember the HMS Birkenhead: Women and CHILDREN first.

  8. Mary Prokop says:

    Thank you so much for recognizing the smallest heroes, our babies that must live & fight every day. We are the first line of advocacy for our children, their voices are weak & small, but ours is strong & loud!

  9. Amy Bucher says:

    Thank you for recognizing the unique challenges faced by children diagnosed with these terrible diseases. All too often, parents are faced with torturous decisions about treatment options that they know will put their children through terrible pain and suffering, all the while clinging to the hope that these treatments will be the cure. We tell them to “Be Strong.” We applaud them for “Being Brave,” while witnessing them struggle for each day.

    All too often, we witness our innocents go through the pokes, tests, surgeries, chemo, extreme nausea, organ dysfunction, headaches, fatigue, and pain, pain, pain, only to have to say goodbye, either because of the Cancer itself, or because of an opportunistic infection that they could not fight because treatment left them immunocompromised. The lucky ones, the survivors too often face life-long debilitating side effects and chronic secondary illnesses, thanks to the treatment that cured them of Cancer. We need better, less toxic treatments with cure rates of 100% that provide survivors of Childhood Cancers with high quality of life, for the rest of their lives.
    Thank you, again, for recognizing that we are far from this goal, and we will only get there with the support of the public (private donations and the NCI.)
    God bless,
    mom of ^^Arden^^ (forever 3), Grayson (2 1/2), and pending Bucher #3

  10. greg says:

    why is the livestrong color yellow? was there a reason for picking it?

  11. Debby Fisher says:

    Thanks for making more people aware of childhood cancer. I am the fortunate mother of a child diagnosed with cancer in 1979 who has survived for 30 years this past June . He would not be here today if it was not for the research that was happening back then.

    He has had a full productive life , finished college and got married 2 years ago.

  12. Connie says:

    Thank you so much for including children. I have a 22 month old great granddaughter in remission from medulloblastoma. She is walking but not eating or talking except her own language. She is such a joy. We must stop cancer in children. Find the cure. I pray to God

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