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Day One of the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit has ended, but as CEO Doug Ulman said in his opening remarks, “…the discussion has just begun.” 500 delegates from 65 countries have gathered here at the Royal Dublin Society in Dublin to learn, cooperate, and communicate in order to find ways to work together as a community in the fight against cancer.

Following breakfast the day started with a procession of all the country?s flags. Then little Rosa Caird introduced Lance Armstrong. Rosa?s a 9-year old Irish kidney cancer survivor, and her father donated a kidney to her in the ultimate act of parental love.

The Summit then got down to business with two morning panel discussions. CNN chief medical correspondent and LAF Board Member Dr. Sanjay Gupta first headed up “Understanding the Global Impact of Cancer” followed by LAF CEO Doug Ulman moderating a discussion on “Government Action.”

The delegates then adjourned for lunch, but it was not just a time to refuel but to start making those key connections over a meal that so often lead to amazing new relationships. After lunch the group heard an interesting talk by Professor Judith Macay about the scourge of smoking cigarettes, titled “Tobacco: A Smoking Gun in the Cancer Epidemic.” As I listened I couldn?t help but admire how our entire host country has banned smoking in public places, and yet my home state of Texas still can?t get it done…

The afternoon session started off with an inspiring presentation of 100,000 signatures for the World Cancer Declaration, and that?s where you come in as well. You can still join us in this endeavor, and it?s as simple as going to! I signed on, and I hope you will too. From there we were honored to have seven delegates tell us why they had signed the Declaration and all about the great work they were doing in their communities.

We then had two more panels and heard about the challenges of “Balancing Health Priorities and Government Resources” led by Dr. Ala Alwan as well as “Answering the Call, Making New Commitments to Cancer Control,” with Doug once again moderating.

Then, as is thankfully often the case at LIVESTRONG Summit, we had a very special moment. My friend and fellow cancer survivor Joe Schneider came out to introduce Lance. But as he told his emotional story about the impact cancer had had not only on him but his family as well, he made a call for action ? NOW ? in the fight against this damned disease. The single moment of silence that was there right after he demanded action was just riveting, and so pure…

Lance then came out and led a “Conversation about Corporate Social Responsibility” with the heads of Nike, American Century Investments, and Pfizer. You could clearly see that all three of these companies walk the walk when it comes to believing in being a part of the solution. After the panel, Lance was joined by Doug for one more closing item, simple put as a Statement of Unity. In that statement, they said that the LAF believes:

1 ? All countries should have National Cancer Control Plans

2 ? We need to make a global investment in Cancer Control

3 ? Establish Millenium Development Goals

4 ? We must reduce the stigma of cancer

And with that we adjourned for the day, but we?ll be back together soon tonight for a reception and dinner at the RDS. Until then, ciao for now, and thanks for checking in! ? Cb…


  1. Dear Chris Brewer,

    I was wondering is there any chance of receiving (sometime in the future, when you get the chance) the presentations (perhaps CD rom or links on a website) of the seminars held today? I am extremely interested to hear what everyone had to say.

    I am looking forward to helping you all out tomorrow as a facilitator.

    Thanking you inadvance

    Yours in health and wellbeing,

    Harriette Lynch

  2. Sean Farrell says:

    I think what you are doing is fantastic and will inspiring.Good luck with your cause and have happy memories of your time in Ireland.

  3. Jeff Mangold says:

    Way to go Lance your changing the world view that cancer is the enemy not each other!!!

  4. Ernest Mack says:

    Good work on the part of corporate sponsors, survivors and especially Lance. One thing that can be changed is behaviour and what easier way than to heighten awareness about the eventual risks of smoking and a lifestyle devoid of exercise and healthy eating. While more needs to be spent on treatment and prevention, much more needs to be done on the part of each individual in taking responsibility for their lives in the form of healthy lifestyle.

  5. Mic Dowling says:

    Thanks Lance & co. See you in the park this evening and later as a volunteer at The Hopstore.

  6. Cindy says:

    I wonder news about the moderator Dr Luis Fernando Correia in the event of Ireland …

  7. Jere Carpentier says:

    I would be great to access the presentations that have gone on. Although much appreciated, it is not easy to put it all together with just “bits and pieces” that we see or read. For sure great things are happening…

  8. nancy mcculley says:

    Thanks for getting cancer awareness out, so many people dont realize cancer is taking over, my grandson was dx at 4 with rhabdomyosarma something no child should have to experience, Colyn went 9mos without eating by mouth or drinking, he had his feeding tube out in Feb 08, so far he is doing ok, but he had so much brutal treatments, i didnt know only 3% goes to kids cancer research, we need more funding for our children to find a cure. No child or grownup should have to suffer, our children is our future, i hope you have a great time, and get some results. Thanks again Lance! Colyn McDaniel MaMa Nancy

  9. Judith Pilatti says:

    What a fantastic idea of a worldwide summit. I am extremely interested in this summit as my daughter was invited from Australia to attend and present. If there is any possibility of a DVD or whatever of the whole event I would love to see it. Keep up the great work and hopefully very soon there will be a cure for every type of Cancer.

  10. i will add my name in support for livestrong,s cure for cancer.thanks to livestrong my daughter kathleen carrico found a will to keep fight cancer for 7 years .she raised40,000 dollars over the years and honored at the ride for theroses in 2007.keep up the campaign!support from other countries is a wonderfol plan.thank you lance for giving me my daughtersuch a wonderful lust for life.

  11. laf had a wonderfull start in Dublin we hope in belgium to continue and spread laf all over Europe we had a 2 nd october a succesfull armstrong day we hope 2010 laf will booster in Europe. we are planning on several items.
    A happy and healthy New Year 2010
    Eugeen Carrette

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