CNN to Webcast at Summit


Sanjay Gupta, LIVESTRONG board member and CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, will be webcasting LIVE from the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit. Gupta and a roundtable of cancer experts, advocates and researchers from around the world will answer YOUR questions LIVE on They’ll provide a candid look at cutting-edge cancer treatments and offer advice to viewers fighting this disease. Be empowered to fight back against cancer. on a panel of experts at the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit. He has asked our supporters to submit questions they have regarding cancer to be asked of the panel. Submit your questions here and tune in to the LIVE Webcast on, August 23 at 11am ET to hear Dr. Gupta and top cancer experts’ answers!


  1. Pat Kelly says:

    I work with an organization whose mission is to cut cancer in half in one generation.

    This year, we?ve been working with the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the International Union Against Cancer and the Campaign to Control Cancer on a public engagement project, called Global Community Conversations about Cancer. We have conducted a large number of community conversations (340 internationally) that have created an outpouring of considerable public emotion about cancer control, particularly around a desire for more emphasis to be given by health care organizations and governments to prevention and screening.

    I would like to ask what the panel would recommend as ?simple steps? all people could take to be preventive and to screen for early detection of cancers. What do you advise any new health plan in the U.S. to do about encouraging prevention and screening ? what approaches will not be too costly to cover in the short-run and ultimately lead to substantial cost savings in the future?

    Pat Kelly
    Campaign to Control Cancer

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