Watch Celebs Play Golf and Support LIVESTRONG


The American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament is in the beautiful city of Tahoe this weekend. This year’s tournament will help raise awareness and funds for LIVESTRONG and the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign. Celebrity players include Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and our own Doug Ulman! For broadcast times and player line-up, go to

Follow Doug and other participants on Twitter with hashtag #accgolf.


  1. R. Sloan says:

    Watching the American Century Championship Golf Tournament I noticed many players smoking- especially cigars. I do not think it is appropriate for participants to be smoking during a fund raiser for Cancer research.

  2. Khairul says:

    Thanks Lance for what are you doing ? it’s very touching.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I agree with R Sloan.

    How hypocritical to have smoking at a cancer awareness event!

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